Putting up a backyard fence isn’t a small project, but it’s one that can improve your time in your yard, make it safe for kids and pets, and increase your home’s value. So don’t just put up a plain old fence! Take it up a notch and make your home look more custom with our DIY backyard fancy fence ideas! Some of these are DIY projects to get you right on your way, some are just ideas you can adapt to your own yard. Details count in your garden as well as inside your home, so take the time to plan out a fence you will be proud to show off. You’re gonna build it anyway, right? Why not do it fancy! Our feature photo below, is from a homeowner from California on ‘Hometalk‘. They included a short tutorial on adding corrugated metal to their ordinary fence to “fancy” it up! Love this fence!

Backyard fancy fence ideas-1

From ‘Dunn DIY’, this DIY modern mid century horizontal fence isn’t any more difficult to build than an ordinary fence, but has loads more style. You see these type of fences at upscale restaurants and boutique hotels, as well as high end homes. Full tutorial with lots of photos for building this fence.

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Want to fancy up your fence without swinging a hammer? Hang a painting on it! This idea comes to us from ‘Apartment Therapy‘. I would suggest a coat of exterior sealer to your canvas though! Make sure you also attach it well to stand up to weather and wind.

Backyard fancy fence ideas-3


From “Design Intervention Dairy’, this tutorial for Nicole Curtis’s (HGTV’s “Rehab Addict”) chain link fence cover up idea is one amazing way to fancy up the least fancy kind of fence there is! Scroll down a little on the page to find the tutorial.




Backyard fancy fence ideas-4


Another idea from ‘Design Intervention‘, this horizontal fence is similar to the one above, but uses some piping or chain link posts in place of some of the slats. The tutorial above could be modified to make something similar to this.

Backyard fancy fence ideas-5


This contemporary fence from ‘Houzz‘ is a great example of how artistic you can get with a simple material… wood. This is just a well thought out version of these other horizontal fencing tutorials. You can also hire a contractor to do a project like this, using this photo as reference for them. Love this look!

DIY Backyard Fancy Fence Ideas 02


Apartment Therapy‘ has a great variant of those same modern horizontal fencing tutorials. This fence uses narrower slat near the top, but at the same spacing as the lower slats so you actually can see through the fence near the top. It makes it a lot more interesting as well.

Backyard fancy fence ideas-6


Our last idea is simply a reminder that what can really make a difference in a fancy fence is using high quality wood, such as IPE. This fence is a great example of what a difference it makes! Photo from ‘Eco Inventos‘.

Backyard fancy fence ideas-9

Image Credits: Houzz, Hometalk, Dunn DIY, Apartment Therapy, Design Intervention, Apartment Therapy, Eco Inventos




  1. Silas Knight September 6, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Some of these fences are so nice looking! I love the one with horizontal posts and piping in between them. I could get something like that to serve as aesthetics, and a privacy fence.

  2. Kathy Hardess September 14, 2016 at 2:39 am

    All of these look great. Too bad I don’t own a house. I would start thinking about fences

  3. Liam Beard November 9, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Nice fence inspiration photos! We’re a huge fan of timber fences, especially merbau fences so I loved your photos with lots of unique variations.


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