Free Plants!!

There are ways to get free plants for your garden, and I don't mean bribing the checker at the home improvement store. Nope, these are more satisfying anyway! The way to get free plants is to propagate plants that already exist, either from your own garden, or a neighbor or gardening buddies. To propagate means to basically cause the plant to multiply... thus taking one plant, and turning it into … [Read more...]

5 DIY Garden Mood Lighting Ideas

In the late summer and fall, as the sun sets earlier but the gorgeous weather still keeps us outdoors, the need for cool garden lighting arises. No one wants to run out and install a lighting system just because sunset comes a little sooner! We have five great DIY garden lighting ideas that are easy enough for any beginner, and can be done in time for your weekend BBQ! Check out these lighting … [Read more...]

Budget Garden? Grow Butterfly Bush! Here’s Why (and How!)

If you are gardening on a budget, have we got the plant for you! How can a plant choice help you spend less and garden more? Well if you grow Butterfly Bush, (Buddleia) its easy... here's why. Butterfly Bush is one of the easiest shrubs to grow. It is low maintenance, requiring little in the way of fertilizer, and is resistant to pests and disease. So you spend less on upkeep. Say that about a … [Read more...]

How to Make Mirrored Gazing Balls for the Garden

We all love the look of the mirrored gazing balls in the garden. They add light in a shady corner, a fanciful flair in a garden bed, or a little fantasy next to a pond or birdbath. There are two problems with them though...they can be expensive, and they can break easily. If you live where its windy or stormy like I do, its a no can do. And they average around $40 a piece! That’s not an amount of … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Garden Container Project

Looking for a quick and easy garden container to add some flair to a boring deck, yard or patio? Here is a before and after project that will take less than 30 minutes, can be inexpensive and is a creative take on ordinary container gardening! Supplies: Any container that has sections. (We used an old wood soda crate) Potting soil Alpine or compact plants Polished … [Read more...]

Gardening – Fill Your Cottage Gardens With Free Plants!

I love to dream - and one of the things that I love to dream about is my cottage garden. I pull out back issues of my favorite magazines, gardening books, and seed catalogues to add to the plethora of ideas already stored in my mind’s eye. There is one small problem however. When you start shopping at the garden centers & from all of the plant catalogues, you start to see a growing trend - all … [Read more...]

Build an Easy Garden Fence: Low Cost Ideas

If you want to add a wonderful country touch to your garden, building a country style fence is not as difficult, or as expensive as it might seem. Here at The Garden Glove, we wanted to add a gothic picket style to the front garden. However, purchasing and installing 150 feet of picket fencing was NOT in the budget. So we chose to add just two sections of fencing to the corners of the front drive … [Read more...]

Gardening on a Budget: 10 Low Cost Gardening Tips

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, but it didn’t start out that way. Back in our Grandparents time, people enjoyed beautiful gardens even without a Home Depot on the corner. Here are some frugal gardening tips for those of us who want to save some “green”. Soil is the key to a wonderful garden, so boost your soil whenever possible. Low cost ways? Create a compost pile, and add all your … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Outdoor Room on a Budget!

Many times when the weather becomes sultry, the only place we want to be is in our favorite chair on the porch, sipping ice-cold lemonade! So, if we are to spend our summer months languishing with Mother Nature, why not treat our "outdoor room" to a little freshening up, and make our time outdoors more enjoyable! Here are some great, easy ideas you can use to add your own personal style to a much … [Read more...]

Late Summer Garden: Easy and Cheap Gardening Tips

Has your late summer garden seen better days? If your outdoor paradise is getting a little ragged, and you would like some easy and cheap gardening tips to get it back into shape in time for fall, keep reading! Most gardens, no matter how well they are designed will have periods without a lot of bloom. But a late summer garden is more than just lack of bloom; it’s overgrown plants, ratty … [Read more...]