DIY Holiday Signs for the Front Porch

Nothing brings holiday warmth to your guests quite like being greeted at the door with some holiday cheer. Words speak louder than any wreath or sparkling lights. (Though we suggest you throw those up too!) Trouble is, when our budgets at that time of year, are already tight, a sign can be quite expensive, especially a larger one meant for the porch or yard. Instead of spending money on decor, … [Read more...]

Holiday Light Globe Hack

Ok, I know you can buy just about any type of holiday lighted shape, object or animal these days, but what if you could do it simple, and from things you may already have around the house? We created this holiday light globe hack with wire baskets from the garden shed, ($5 at Home Depot!) some floral wire, and white mini lights. Make sure if you’re putting this globe outdoors that you buy lights … [Read more...]

16 Pumpkin Carving Projects You Never Thought Of!

What is more fun than carving pumpkins? Glad you asked! Carving pumpkins that are so cool, the neighbors stop by to ask you how you did it! Some of these are cool. Some are amazing. Some are cute. And some you just need a sense of humor for! (Those are my favorites!) Try these pumpkin carving projects you never thought of, and get a little squash silly, and have a little pumpkin play! Oh, my, … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating!

It's never too late to add a little Christmas cheer to your garden and yard, and it is one of the favorite spaces for families to share their creative sides. Let's face it, we all love to wander our neighborhoods checking out our communities holiday decorations and lights, don't we? So put a little effort into decorating your garden for the holidays this year, and share that Christmas cheer with … [Read more...]

DIY Front Yard Christmas Decorating Projects

Sometimes when decking out the halls, we forget that the garden needs some Christmas love too! After all, he was born in a manger, with the animals and the cold... not in a warm cozy inn! So isn't it fitting we treat our outdoor space with some Christmas decorations? These DIY front yard Christmas decorating projects will make the season special in your garden, and for all those who pass by it! … [Read more...]

DIY Holiday Gift Plant Projects

As a gardener, I love to get holiday gifts that reflect my love of, well... gardens! In fact, I don't know anyone who doesn't love to get a living gift during the holiday season. Rather than be one of those people who just pick up a boring houseplant at the grocery store on the way to the party, (you know who you are!) this year put some thought into creating some DIY holiday plant gifts. We have … [Read more...]

Front Porch Halloween Decorating Ideas

I love fall decorating, and I really enjoy Halloween, but frankly, indoors, my fall decor wins out. But that doesn't mean I want to 86 the idea of having some Halloween fun! My solution is to come up with some front porch Halloween decorating, so that I can enjoy the "holiday", but not compromise the indoors. In other words, no spiders allowed inside my house! So this year, Steve and I have gone … [Read more...]

Outdoor 4th of July Decor

Come Fourth of July, most of us spend that day outdoors. It's a great time to show your patriotic pride by making some outdoor 4th of July decor for your yard and garden. We've found some cool projects for you that are fun, easy and great for the kids to help on as well. So fly your flag and get out the red, white and blue! It's Fourth of July! Our featured project, above - 'A Diamond in the … [Read more...]

Great Garden Gift Guide

Welcome to TGG's great garden gift guide! It doesn't matter if you are looking for  special ideas for the gardener you love, or for your own list to pass out to your loved ones, this is your list this year! We are including out favoratie finds for all garden lovers, and maybe you can inspire a new gardener with on of these gifts as well... Before you ask... no, we do not get a portion of any … [Read more...]

Creative Outdoor Christmas Lights

Some of us really look forward to our outdoor Christmas lighting each year... to some of us it's just an obligatory pain... That's kind of sad, becasue it gives us a reason to celebrate the outdoors at a time of year when we don't get out into the garden much. I think those who dread it only feel that way becasue they haven't been inspired! So here are some great ideas for DIY Christmas outdoor … [Read more...]

Holiday Garden Gifts: How To Force Bulbs, It’s Easy!

Forcing bulbs for the holidays, or for holiday gifts is a great idea to start now, when fall bulbs are available. You have a variety of healthy stock to choose from this time of year, and it really is an easy project! All is takes is some basic materials, fall bulbs, and a little room to store them until they bloom. Here is how to force bulbs for the holidays. The most popular bulbs to force … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorating

Halloween is just around the corner, and I've found that most of us DIY'ers are a creative bunch... Not decorating our porches and gardens for Halloween just seems wrong somehow... Few other times are we allowed to publicly let our imaginations go a little wild, and maybe even a little creepy... and yes, I'll say it... a little sick.  I sincerely believe Halloween is one of those times we can … [Read more...]

DIY Pumpkin Carving With A Drill

  If you are looking for a pumpkin carving project that's easy, a little different, and can double for great fall decor as well, pumpkin drilling is for you.  You can place these all around the garden and light them with candles (careful!) glow sticks, or even those dollar store led stick up lights. While I think this is safer than using knives to carve, still be very careful using … [Read more...]