Understanding the Types of Soil in Your Garden

Understanding the different types of soil is essential if you want to create the perfect garden. This is because each variety of plant requires a different type of soil in order to thrive and reward you with lush foliage and dazzling flowers. Some plants are more hardy and can withstand various soil conditions whilst other plants are very fussy about their needs. Acid Soil If you have acid … [Read more...]

Healthy Soil for a Healthy Garden

All too often, soil composition is neglected. Every season, our plants and gardens rob the soil of it nutrients. All gardeners are to be custodians of the soil, taking the time to replace food and other elements as they are used. Since our soil is so important, we need to treat it, as we want to be treated, not like dirt. Soil is a composition of weather-beaten rock, minerals, decayed plant … [Read more...]