Cottage Garden Cool!

Cottage gardens are my favorite garden style, and the one that I feel most at home, and most like myself in. They are casual, laid back gardens with surprises around every corner, and hidden beauty throughout. They multi-task well, growing vegetable and herbs as well as flowers, and they are down to earth in the best possible way. They may appear to be chaotic, but they have a structure underneath … [Read more...]

QUIZ: What Is Your Garden Style?

Quiz: What Is Your Garden Style? Want to know just what kind of garden style is right for you? Learn what style you really want, and tips on how to make it happen in your garden! Q. You have just won your choice of fabulous vacations at an exotic locale. The choice of where you go is up to you! You choose to relax at: A. A cozy mountain cabin with just you and nature. B. A tropical … [Read more...]