Outdoor Room Ambience: Globe String Lights!

Last weekend Steve had the idea that it was time to add globe lights to the back patio. Especially since we were starting to see them on clearance in the garden section of just about everywhere. And, according to Rachel, my teenager least likely to be found in the garden... it was the coolest thing we have done outside yet. The globe lights just keep making me feel like we're sitting outside an … [Read more...]

Build A Backyard Movie Theater

This may be one of our most fun summer garden fun ideas yet! Build a backyard movie theater! Ok, it wasn't our idea. But we're running with it. Sound like an impossible DIY project? Not! We have tutorials for every skill level, and remember, even an old sheet and a projector still make a great movie night. But for those of you who want a little more in your outdoor movie viewing experience, try … [Read more...]

How to Refresh Your Tired Summer Garden

Once July and August roll around in the garden, it's really common for the “bloom to come off the rose” so to speak. In other words, our gardens can get a little bedraggled, and our gardening inspiration can get a little tired... Here are some great tips for your tired summer garden to freshen the look, and brighten your gardening spirit as well! It's Time for a New Do Midsummer many plants … [Read more...]

Late Summer Garden: Easy and Cheap Gardening Tips

Has your late summer garden seen better days? If your outdoor paradise is getting a little ragged, and you would like some easy and cheap gardening tips to get it back into shape in time for fall, keep reading! Most gardens, no matter how well they are designed will have periods without a lot of bloom. But a late summer garden is more than just lack of bloom; it’s overgrown plants, ratty … [Read more...]