I love bringing art into the garden. Even better if it turns out to be a fun project at the same time. These DIY mosaic garden projects are both practical and beautiful, and have complete tutorials. You can either buy tile specifically for these mosaic ideas, or you can use a wide variety of budget materials. Extra broken tiles, plates, or even glass can create gorgeous works of art for the garden! Follow the instructions in these tutorials and create your own DIY mosaic garden projects!



Creative DIY Mosaic Garden Projects


Mosaic Garden Projects – How-To’s


DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones & Pathways

If you want a DIY mosaic garden project that is a little more modern in style, try these mosaic stepping stones from ‘DIY Fun Ideas‘. This is for those of you who are looking for a little personality for your garden space, but perhaps with a bit more subtlety? :)


Eileen at ‘Hometalk‘ made this DIY mosaic walkway herself! She shares just how she did this money saving project. A contractor had quoted her $2500 to do this job. She DIY’ed this mosaic garden project for under $100!


We are big fans of artist Jeffrey Bale and his pebble mosaic stepping stones. Read his blog to find out how he does it.


Learn how to make mosaic stepping stones that are a super simple garden craft. From ‘Aleenes‘, these types of mosaic ideas are fun to do with the kids too.


You can make these funky mosaic stepping stones with this step by step from ‘The Mosaic Store‘. This DIY mosaic project is fast and fun, and has a full tutorial.

garden mosaic projects


This is a mosaic idea for a stepping stone we found on Pinterest with no known source. You can use the last tutorial for this same type of mosaic project!

garden mosaic projects


DIY Mosaic Outdoor Tables and Other Furniture

First off we have this iridescent DIY mosaic table from ‘Centsational Girl‘. And this tutorial isn’t just about how to make a mosaic! She also gives you complete plans and instructions to build the actual coffee table. Start to finish, you can have this mosaic project done in a weekend!


I couldn’t leave out this incredible project, mostly because I didn’t believe (at first) that it was a DIY! This DIY mosaic chair is crazy cool, but is an advanced project, so definitely try out some simpler projects and get the hang of the whole medium. But the fact is, this is a tutorial, and you could potentially create this for your garden! BTW, she starts out with an ordinary metal garden chair…Designed by Frances Green from ‘Waschbear Designs‘.


DIY Mosaic Garden Pots & Planters

These DIY mosaic pots are a cute and easy project from ‘Running with Sisters’ via ‘Craft Ideas‘. This is one of those projects for that recycled tile material… old plates! If you don’t have some of your own plates you are willing to break into a zillion pieces, try a thrift shop or yard sales.


If you aren’t a big fan of all the wild colors and patterns in some mosaics, try making this simple DIY mosaic garden window box planter by ‘Centsational Girl‘! She walks you through all the steps with really detailed instruction and photos. She also shows you three different versions of this planter!


Ok, so this is really fun in the garden. ‘The Survival Gardener‘ created a mosaic planter that is also a raised bed! He did this with cinder blocks, and his tutorial leads you through how to make this raised garden bed. (Want more? Visit our post on DIY Raised Beds!) He doesn’t get specific about the mosaic itself in his tutorial, but you’ve already got the technique down by now, right? ‘)


From ‘The Mosaic Store‘ is this DIY mosaic garden pot update. This is a creative way to end the problem of having boring planters or pots! They have a tutorial on how to grout mosaic as well.


DIY Mosaic Art for the Garden

Here is a fun and creative mosaic idea! Learn how to make mosaic garden rocks! This is another one from ‘Running with Sisters‘. Can you imagine how whimsical these would be tucked around your garden space? They even have a video tutorial for this DIY mosaic project.


Want to show your mosaic love in a bit bigger way? Then try this DIY mosaic tile stairway from ‘Oh Dear Drea‘. This isn’t any more difficult than the projects you have seen so far, there is just more of it!


Artist Cherrie La Porte owns ‘Southwest Boulder and Landscape Rock‘ in Southern California. She creates glass mosaic stone sculptures, and they are incredible pieces of garden art! If you don’t want to attempt something of this scale yourself, that’s ok. You can contact Cherrie and ask her about creating one of these mosaic garden masterpieces for you!


And finally, we’ll leave you with one more more inspirational mosaic project idea that we gathered from Pinterest (sorry – couldn’t find the source).

garden mosaic projects

We hope you had a lot of fun learning about these DIY Mosaic Garden Projects! We think you will also love our posts on Fun & Funky Backyard Projects and DIY Garden Paths & Walkways!

Note: This post has been refreshed with updated projects.



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  1. Geneva Insko April 17, 2018 at 6:46 am

    I would like instructions for mosaic on the tree trunks, but there are no directions and supplies needed. Seems to be a problem.

    1. Kathy Woodard July 10, 2018 at 3:47 pm

      Hi Geneva,
      As we mentioned in the post, unfortunately we could not find the source with the instructions for that project!Sorry! Does anyone know where she could find a similar project tutorial?

  2. cassie fisher June 30, 2017 at 2:45 am

    love theses garden things waste nothing ang use everystuff thsnk u sooooo

  3. Sandee Walsh August 25, 2014 at 6:45 pm

    I was interested in the rubber ball spear and when I went to the click instructions above, I got a site that used a bowling ball which is heavier than I was looking for and I don’t think the instructions would be the same.


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