At least three seasons of the year, a hammock can be your best friend in the garden. All the planning and work and planting you do in your garden space means nothing if you don’t spend time enjoying it. And isn’t the garden all about a peaceful retreat? Well, retreat to your DIY hammock that you made, (here are lots of tutorials!) and spend time pondering life, reading a good book, or taking a well deserved nap. Better yet, snuggle up with your S.O. and take a nap for two!




Our feature project, above and below, is a step by step DIY hammock by ‘The Little Dog Blog’. Steve came across this project, and thinks it’s one of the best, most complete tutorials he has seen! This is a great place to start!



I really like this DIY hammock chair by ‘A Beautiful Mess’. You could use it outdoors, or even in a sunroom like she did. What a comfy place to have a cup of tea!



Try ‘Gardenista’s DIY instant hammock version of an expensive store bought one! This is a short tutorial, so bring your DIY skills, but its a basic rectangle and grommets on the corners. You can find grommet kits in any craft store. Make sure you get heavy duty ones!



If you aren’t lucky enough to have several mature trees or sturdy posts in your yard, you’re gonna need a stand. The tutorial at ‘Here comes the Sun’ for their DIY hammock stand will get you a good quality stand that will last… not some cheap metal thing that will rust the first season. You know the kind, the ones every discount store sells.



From ‘The Merry Thought’… well oh me oh my… this is the quintessential vision of a day in the hammock, isn’t it? Learn how to make this DIY hammock with a very complete tutorial. (Including how to use those grommets!) This is true hammock heaven!



Lastly, from ‘Instructables’, this DIY hammock stand has lots of photos to inspire you, but we’ve yet to discover the tutorial… however, after reading the comments, they posted a written plan for the hammock stand.



DIY Hammocks

Image Credits: Little Dog Blog, A Beautiful Mess, Gardenista, Here Comes the Sun, The Merry Thought, Instructables



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    1. Kathy Woodard May 21, 2015 at 2:05 pm

      I love creeping sedums, ‘Angelina’ grows great for use here, also creeping Thyme… it withstands foot traffic a little better…


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