Water in the garden adds a natural element that can’t be beat.  There is something about seeing and hearing water that calms the spirit and makes you feel more connected with your garden and yard. Did you know you can make your own outdoor  fountain with just a few inexpensive supplies? Be creative in your use of vessels, and save your budget buys for the items that don’t show. In our Modern Garden Fountain Project, we used a Rubbermaid storage container for a basin instead of buying an expensive water fountain basin at the supply center. Use your imagination. If it can hold water, it’s a possibility! Great for any time of year, DIY water fountains can even be heated to supply water to the birds and wildlife during the frozen winter months. Try one of these tutorials to get you started on loving your new outdoor fountain!


17 Classic Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas & Projects


Outdoor Fountain Ideas & Projects

DIY Fountain Tutorials

Frugal Family Times‘ has an easy to follow tutorial for this double bubbler outdoor fountain. You can choose any style pots for this project, but we always love cobalt blue in the garden! Oh, and there is a ‘how to’ video as well!


Here is another double bubbler backyard fountain from ‘Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom‘. It is so much cheaper to DIY a fountain, and it is an easy project. Just follow these tutorials!


One last double DIY outdoor water fountain for you from ‘HGTV‘. Lots of step by step photos and a video make this one easy to get done in an afternoon!


You thought double bubblers were cool? Try this DIY tiered outdoor water fountain from ‘Addicted 2 DIY‘!


Learn how to make a classic urn fountain for your outdoor space with this tutorial from ‘BHG‘.


This Old House‘ has step by step instructions on how to make a river rock fountain. Love this gorgeous project!


Ok, this stone outdoor fountain from ‘Family Handyman‘ is gorgeous, and yes, it really is a DIY! Full supply list, step by step photos and instructions, and even tips on customizing the size and stone shopping.


This next backyard fountain comes from ‘Instructables‘ and is a pretty ambitious project, but thought we would include it because it is just very cool. And don’t let projects that are more complex scare you off… The payoff is worth it!


If you like a little Asian elegance in your garden, try this bamboo DIY water fountain from ‘Saf Affect‘. Step by step instructions, and also just where to find the bamboo for this project!


Angie The Freckled Rose‘ shows us how to install an outdoor water fountain kit, and this slate stacked stone version is perfect for any classic garden!


Ok, so now we have a concrete outdoor water fountain that is another project that will take more than just an afternoon. But in the end, you will have this piece that would have cost many hundreds of dollars (or more!) to buy. From ‘Family Handyman‘. Complete step by step tutorial.


This last one we have for you doesn’t have a tutorial, but we thought it may inspire some of you. You could use the skills from the previous tutorial to cast the concrete and create your own version of this awesome backyard fountain! Photo source unknown.


Where to Buy Outdoor Fountains

We all know how sometimes we get excited about DIY’ing a project, and then time constraints make it hard to get it done. If you decide you want to buy your outdoor water fountain, we have some good suggestions for you. All of these come with free shipping, too!

Perfect for any garden, this Natural Stone Aquarock fountain kit from ‘Wayfair’, comes with the pump, the catch basin, and everything else you need except the shovel and 30 minutes of your time! We really like the natural look of this pretty backyard fountain.


If you are looking for a small water fountain for your garden space, try the Nashville Concrete fountain. This is cast from real concrete, so it will last forever. Comes with the pump, so all you do is add water. Free shipping… good thing, since it’s concrete, right? :)


The Avery Concrete Terrace fountain is perfect for the patio or deck. It is self contained so you don’t need to do much except plug in the pump!


If you are looking for a modern outdoor fountain perfect for the patio and for entertaining, The Venus fountain from ‘Allmodern’, might be just the one. This sophisticated fountain is made from resin, so it will last. It also has a flickering light that illuminates the bubbler at night!


This last one is a splurge, but I know exactly where it could go in our courtyard garden space! ;) The Recife concrete outdoor fountain is spectacular. This one would be a focal point that would get all those ooohs & ahhhs! Lots of five star reviews (on Wayfair) with very happy owners! And yep, free shipping for this large outdoor water fountain!

So let us know, what are your creative ideas for a DIY outdoor water fountain? We think you will also want to check out our posts on Unique & Soothing Garden Fountains, and DIY Tabletop Fire Bowls!


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  1. Elizabeth Sagarminaga April 17, 2014 at 2:44 am

    This is an ambitious project and this water fountain is perfect for patio. Water in a garden of any size creates an oasis not only for you but also for birds, butterflies, dragonflies and even small fish which can help turns your landscape into something special, providing a focal point and attracting wildlife It is just very cool. Thanks for nice sharing.

    1. Kathy Woodard October 15, 2013 at 2:11 pm

      Sounds good! We love your site!


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