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Ok y’all, I was hesitant to create this page because I never want this site to feel “sales-y,” but I am one of those people feels like everyone needs to know about it when I find something awesome. And I especially want you, my lovely readers to know about it when I find cool gardening things I love! With our shared love of all things gardening, I just know you all will appreciate these finds more than anyone else. This page is starting small, but I will definitely add more gardening product recommendations as I stumble across new finds! I hope you find something you love that is truly helpful. Let me know if you do!

Garden Tools

These are the tools that I couldn’t do without! I don’t like clutter, so try to keep my tools down to a minimum. That means multi-tasking, easy to use tools that really make garden tasks easier are a priority. Here are my faves that fit those requirements!

Hori Hori knife

This little tool is small but mighty! It is a Japanese gardening tool that takes the crown as king of the multitasking tools. It can be used as a small spade, and is the perfect shape to dig little holes in the soil for planting seeds or transplants. Mine from Barebones even has measurement markings so you can measure the hole’s depth as you create it. Here’s where the multitasking comes in- they have sharp edges, usually one that’s serrated and another that’s smooth, so you can cut garden twine, vines or stems, or whatever gets in your way while in the garden.

Photo source: Terrain

Mine was a gift, but it has quickly become a favorite tool that I always have with me in the garden. This one by Barebones is a bit pricey (currently $68), but it is very high quality, feels like it will last forever, and comes with a handy sheath to carry it. If you’re looking for a budget option, there is a basic version for $38 without a sheath and plenty cheaper brands available on Amazon, too!

Buy on Terrain (with sheath)

Basic option on Terrain

Explore others on Amazon

Pots and Planters

Self watering raised patio garden planters

I bought two of these planters so I could garden on my townhouse’s little porch and they were SO worth it! They are the perfect size to grow all the herbs you could possibly want to cook with all season long. I even experimented with growing larger plants like a shishito pepper plant (far right in the picture below) and it worked great!

They have a water reservoir in the base of the growing container, so it’s perfect if you’re like me and forget to water your plants everyday. They are pricier now than I think they were when I purchased mine, but there are plenty of other similar options out there (see links below)!

Buy on Amazon

Similar options on Amazon

Similar options on Wayfair

Self watering window sill herb planter

I don’t have this exact planter. I have a similar one, but the water reservoir is only accessible by lifting up the entire planting container out of the outside container. Not practical. This one has a little tube like my patio planters above do so that you can pour water directly into the reservoir. And this one also looks a lot prettier than mine. Ok I may have just sold myself on it, too.

Buy on Amazon

Apparel and Accessories

I don’t like having a dedicated set of gardening clothing or accessories. As mentioned in the garden tools, I like things that can multitask for me! I typically wear old jeans that have been retired from my regular outfit rotation and a pair of short, waterproof or water resistant boots. Tall boots are better for days when you know there will be lots of moving soil around, but the short ones usually do the trick for routine tasks. My garden boots up until recently have been a pair of water resistant Sorel boots. But I’ve worn them down to the point where they are no longer comfortable. So it’s time to shop for new ones! These are the frontrunners so far.


Everyone I know who owns Blundstones is obsessed with them. These are known to be durable, comfortable, and versatile.

Buy on Zappos

Xtra Tuff

I’ve borrowed a pair of Xtra Tuff boots on a fishing trip before and I was amazed by how comfortable they were. I’m considering these as my next garden boots, however the one downside is that they don’t look like boots I would wear with a casual outfit. They would really be dedicated work/rain boots.

Buy on Amazon

Plants, Seeds, Bulbs, etc

Here’s a little list of my favorite plants I’ve ever planted and why I loved them so much.

La Belle Epoque Tulips

You just have to see the color in person to appreciate the hype around this gorgeous tulip variety.

Buy Bulbs on Eden Brothers

Shishito Peppers

One of my favorite foods. Just char them real quick on a grill or cast iron, season with flaky salt, togarashi, soy sauce, or anything else that sounds good and you have a glorious appetizer. And man, does one plant produce. You will not run out of peppers I promise.

I usually buy plants from Home Depot but you can always start from seed as well!

Check availability at Home Depot

How about you?

This is just the beginning- I’ll continue to update this page any time I find something I absolutely love. I can’t wait to share more finds with you! Would you like to help add to the list? Fill out this form and let me know if you have anything you just love and think I should try out. Is there something you want to try out but want another opinion? Submit it and I just might try it out and let you know what I think!

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