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Herb gardens are grown around the world. By definition an herb is any plant that has a useful purpose; usually medicinal, savory, or aromatic. Herbs are grown for medicinal properties, decorative and scent, cooking and for the simple joy of creating a useful garden full of texture, scent and color.

Herb gardens are easy to grow, doing well in poor soils. Most herb gardens are drought tolerant once established.

Herbs are often grown as companion plants for flowers or vegetables; thought to repel many pests when planted nearby.

Herbs can be grown in the mixed border, in containers, within a vegetable garden or in a separate herb garden. They blend especially well with cottage gardens that are so popular today. Often herbs are grown in a more formal garden within a “wheel”.

I grow many herbs in my gardens here at The Garden Glove…in fact 80% of the plants I grow have a useful purpose, other than beauty. Many common flowering plants are also considered herbs: roses, marigolds and lavender, for instance. They tolerate the sandy soils of my high desert region very well, low water gardening practices, and provide me with delicious accompaniments to meals, fresh teas, and beautiful and aromatic dried flowers for garden crafts.

Whether you grow a dedicated herb garden, or use herbs in your flower or vegetable gardens, add a few herbs to your garden design. And leave room for more…once you’re bitten by the herb bug, it’s hard to go back!

Article by Kathy Woodard

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