Bringing birds to your garden is one of the great joys of any gardener. Aside form providing food, providing water is must in creating a wildlife friendly garden. Here is a quick and easy and cheap birdbath that looks elegant and can be made from items you already own or can easily get from your local garden center.


  • Tall pot or urn, or even a piece of large pipe.
  • A large saucer
  • Silicone glue, if desired.
  • Several rough stones

Place your pot or urn in the desired place for your birdbath, depending on the shape of the vessel, you might wish to turn it upside down. I filled mine with rocks to give it weight and prevent it from blowing over in the wind.

Place the saucer on top of the pot, glue with silicone to keep in place if desired.

Place rough stones in saucer to give birds a foothold, then fill saucer with water.


Plant around the base of the birdbath to soften and add a natural effect. Use low growing plants. Or, tuck your bird bath into an already existing garden bed.

Hint: Place your birdbath in an open area such as a lawn. Birds prefer to be able to view the area for enemies, and will use your bath more often if they are not tucked back where a predator can hide. (Helps you to chase off those neighborhood predators as well!)

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  1. Kathy Woodard May 30, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    Possibly winter burn? Did you have some cold strong winds? It should recover during the spring!

  2. Dale Marie Bruhm May 24, 2013 at 9:33 am

    Do you offer the answer to gardening questions? I have a two in one Holly shrub and it was doing well, but after the winter was over I noticed that half of the shrub has no leaves and what leaves are left have turned brown. What would be the cause of this? I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and we hard a lot of snow last winter.


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