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Let’s assume you’ve just completed an extensive landscaping project. You spent a lot of time planning and now its finished and you want to just sit back and enjoy. But, as the daylight fades, you start to lose sight of it all. You think, wow, there’s got to be a way to enjoy this after dark. You think, maybe some type of lighting, but what. You think that you hate to have wires hanging over your newly designed space, and you hate to think about digging up your new sod just to put in wires. You think, even after the lights are in, and what if they don’t give you the effect you wanted. The solution to this is to add solar lights.

Outdoor solar lights come in many different styles, shapes, material, colors and designs. There are solar lights that would enhance any landscape. There are price ranges from very modest to very expensive. You just have to decide the budget you want and start shopping. Here at TGG, we’ve seen pathway lights as low as $2 each or even less and spotlights for as low as $5 each at places like Target and Walmart.

There are solar lights that will allow you to light up things like trees, shrubs, fences, or even house numbers or flag poles. These types are often spotlights and can be places anywhere and moved easily till you get the right effect.

outdoor solar spot lights

There are solar rock lights that can be added to your rock garden to illuminate your different rock collections and design. Solar rock lights are spotlights and can also be used where that type of lighting is needed.

outdoor solar rock light

There is solar rock stepping stone lights. These lights come in 10 – 12 inch square or round shapes. They have a solar light in the middle of the stone and allow a walkway to be illuminated at night. Imagine taking a stroll at midnight under the glow of the moon and finding your way to the far reaches of you yard using the glow of these stepping-stones.

There are a variety of solar landscape lights that can line a pathway or just line the perimeter of a flower garden or rock garden as was mentioned before. These come in a large selection of styles, shapes and colors. Some of them even illuminate in different colors.

If that isn’t enough, there are different solar novelty lights that come in a variety of animal and amphibian shapes. To mention a few; there are dog figures holding a solar lantern, a frog spot light, an owl with a solar spot light, or a gnome holding a spot light or lantern.

There are so many different types of solar lights available that you will never need to leave your yard or patio in the dark again. Just use your imagination and watch your space become an after dark wonderland.

Article by Jerome Sturgeleski.

Image Credits: lightingstyles, overstock


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  1. Stan C. May 20, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Sometimes pretty good deals on the outdoor solar pathway lights at Fred Meyer when they go on sale!


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