spring landscaping tips

Spring is a great time to get out and start a new landscaping project. After a bleak, blustery, and cold winter, there’s nothing like enjoying a warm and sunny day in the yard or garden, working with your hands. As your part of the world wakes up and renews itself, it’s almost impossible to not feel the rejuvenation in your soul and be energized for an ambitious endeavor outdoors.

To make the most of your spring landscaping and gardening projects, follow some simple tips:

  • Sharpen your tools. Having finely honed shovels, hoes, and pruning shears will make the tough digging and cutting chores much easier. Consider a new blade for your lawnmower if your current lawnmower blade is old and desperately needs to be sharpened. Rather than spend the money to sharpen an old blade that has seen its better days, you can put the money toward a new razor-sharp blade. Many don’t know that a sharp mower blade is key to having a beautiful, lush lawn. Dull blades tend to injure the grass blades rather than making a clean cut, and this can allow disease to creep in. Then you’ll have to spend more money in the long run to correct such a problem.
  • Test the soil. If you are putting in a new lawn or plant bed, or even if you have had previous problems getting things to grow properly, you may want to have some soil testing done. With the results in hand, you’ll know exactly what type of fertilizers and/or soil conditioners are needed to keep your yard in top shape.
  • Till the soil. This is an important step for your spring landscaping, as your soil should not contain any ice crystals. After tilling, the soil is ready for planting when handfuls of it crumble easily.
  • Get rid of outdated chemicals. Be sure to follow the instructions on the labels for proper disposal. It’s also a good idea to double-check that the chemicals you are keeping are stored in a recommended and safe environment.
  • Fertilize the lawn. Different manufacturers of fertilizer will have different recommendations for applying their particular brand. In the early spring, use a fertilizer recommended for lawn pre-emergence to give your grass that initial boost to start the season. Later in the spring, use a mixture of lawn fertilizer and weed killer. This is the time to attack any weeds before they get a strong hold.
  • Keep a garden journal. This is a great way to keep track of plants during spring gardening. Record what turns out to be a success and what didn’t, so you’ll have this useful information for next year’s planning.
  • Spring is indeed a wonderful time of year for landscaping and gardening. While you are out there hoeing, pruning, shoveling, tilling, fertilizing, and planting, take in all Mother Nature has to offer. Enjoy the work she has already done, such as smelling the scent of apple blossoms and gorgeous cherry blossoms. It will make your work that much more enjoyable, and you’ll be rewarded the rest of the growing season for the labor you put in during the spring.

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