pest prevention with herbs

Herbs are for more than just making your food extra wonderful or supporting your health and vitality through tea blend infusions. Planted in strategic places in your vegetable garden, herbs repel certain kinds of insects without the use of harmful chemicals.

Try planting these herbs and flowers in your garden as preventative measures. If you get a really bad infestation, go to chemicals, but these plants can help prevent problems.

Here are a few bugs, and expert recommendations on herbs to plant for prevention.

Ants: Pennyroyal, spearmint, southernwood, tansy

Aphids: Garlic, chives and other onions, coriander, anise, nasturtium and petunia around fruit trees

Borer: garlic, onion, tansy

Cabbage moth: mint, hyssop, rosemary, southernwood, thyme, sage, celery, catnip, nasturtium

Colorado potato beetle: green beans, horseradish, dead nettle, flax, catnip, coriander, tansy, nasturtium

Cucumber beetle: tansy, radish

Cutworm: tansy

Flea beetle: wormwood, mint, catnip, interplant crops with tomato

Japanese beetle: garlic, larkspur, tansy, rue, white geranium

Leafhopper: petunia, geranium

Mexican bean beetle: marigold, potato, rosemary, savory, petunia

Mites: garlic, onion, chives

Nematodes: marigold, salvia, dahlia, calendula, asparagus

Rose chafer: geranium, petunia, onion

Slug: rosemary, wormwood

Squash bug: tansy, nasturtium, catnip

Tomato hornworm: borage, marigold, opal basil

Whitefly: nasturtium, marigold

Petunias, marigolds and geraniums can be planted in a border around the garden or trees. If you want the benefit of catnip without digging it out of your garden for years to come, put in a large clay pot and place nearby. For other pest prevention plants, thoughtful inter-planting of vegetables can help with the process.

Using herbs and flowers in this way can keep your garden “green” and prevent tears when you find your prized tomato plant cut off at the root by some nasty slug!

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Article By Evelyn Fielding

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  1. Mary Goodman February 1, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    There are grasshoppers in your garden . I had them last summer and I used hot pepper spray to get rid of them .

  2. Laura Cerabella July 9, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    There are these huge holes at the top of my green peppers! What would cause this? Also, how can I fight back from losing my small backyard crop?

    1. Kathy Woodard July 14, 2015 at 12:07 pm

      Without seeing a photo, its hard to say, but probably some kind of pest… go to your local nursery and ask about organic insect sprays you can use this time of year… Some have oils in them and should not be used in the heat of summer…


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