Top 12 Poisonous Plants – Are They in Your Garden?

When you have pets or small children, what is planted in your garden is something you need to be aware of and proactive about. While no one can rid their garden of everything that is possibly a hazard, many people have no idea that some very common garden plants can be highly toxic to kids and pets if eaten. While young kids should never be left alone in a garden, you can't keep an eye on them … [Read more...]

Amazing Alliums

Alliums are one of the best and easiest bulbs to grow in the gardening world, but often overlooked. Gorgeous, show stopping blooms, easy growing requirements, and amazing architectural shape make these perfect for any gardener, beginner or seasoned veteran. The large round or oval flowers are borne on single stalks that tower over the garden from 1-4 feet, usually in mid spring to early summer, … [Read more...]

Hardy Tropicals You Can Grow!

Tropical plants are an amazing statement to add to any garden, offering exotic design sense and wonderful texture and color. Ok, we love 'em 'cause we can pretend to be on a beach in Fiji, or wandering around the rain forests in Hawaii, or pretty much any other place in the world where tropicals thrive. The trouble is, tropical plants are just that... tropical. And most of us don't live in such … [Read more...]

How to Grow Fruit Trees for Beginners

If you love a good apple, pear, peach or even cherries, you might want to think about planting a couple fruit trees in your backyard or garden. I grew up in an area where there were a lot of abandoned fruit orchards, full of trees that looked pretty sad. It didn't stop us kids from trying to get ourselves a free treat when they were in fruit though, only to be met with small, hard, tasteless fruit … [Read more...]

DIY Creative Garden Hacks

Anything that can make our lives easier in the garden is a good thing. Strike that. A great thing. And if it saves us a little money and time while we're at it, then sign us up. These DIY garden hacks are the best ideas we've found for making everyday things work for you in the garden! Clever and full of ingenuity, we just wish we had thought of them! But hey, we're bringing them to you, aren't … [Read more...]

Spring Garden Prep Checklist

I never like to use the word "chores" (ick!) when it comes to gardening, but let's face it...there are a few things we need to do each season to keep our garden healthy and productive. Frankly, the fall prep can be a little tough for me...after all, it can be hard to see how it will affect your garden months down the road. (Even when you know better 'cause you read all my good advice. :) But … [Read more...]

Brighten Your Garden with Daffodils

Just when you thought the snow would never melt, or the winds would never stop, daffodils brighten your garden with a burst of color in spring. Super easy to grow in most zones, daffodils are great cut flowers, can be used in both formal and informal gardens, can be grown in containers, and can even be forced to bloom out of season! There are many more varieties than just the time honored sunny … [Read more...]

Gardening Cheat Sheets

We love to think of gardening as a privilege, not a chore. (We hope you feel the same, that's why you're here, right? :)) But keeping up with all the info you need to have to make sure your garden runs smoothly and efficiently, stays neat and healthy, and is enjoyable and fun, can be daunting. There are so many great ideas, tips and hacks out there! So infographics like these gardening cheat … [Read more...]

Easy to Grow : Delightful Daylilies

There aren't very many plants that I will call fool proof, but the daylily comes pretty close. Tolerant of drought, tough soils, even partial shade, these beauties' blooms last only one day. The good news is that there are always more buds to follow the ones that fade! A lot of gardeners gave up on daylilies the last few years because their characteristic yellow blooms and strappy leaves just … [Read more...]

How to Grow a Wildflower Garden

Most of us who garden have at one time or another dreamed of the charm and whimsy of a wildflower garden. Come on, admit it... you too have longed for a garden that seems to be one with Mother Nature, and sings the virtue floral fantasies that appears to have no maintenance needs whatsoever. On board so far? Whether you just wanted to scatter seeds along a back fence, or plant an entire pasture … [Read more...]

Lily Love : How to Grow Lilies

If you love weddings, picnics, small cherub faced children and older couples holding hands, chance are you love lilies. They are at once elegant, romantic and timeless, yet also can be fun and spicy in the garden as well as the vase. They are a photographers dream, a florists best bet, and a loving spouses sweet gift. They can perfume a room, or stop you in your tracks with the beauty of just one, … [Read more...]

When Should I Plant What?

When thinking about planting seeds, sometimes it can be confusing. What should I plant when? Well, the answer is... there are a lot of different answers! What to plant when depends on your location and zone, your weather, and your planting method. Some seeds must be started indoors early, and others can be planted right out in the garden. Here are our picks for seed starting calendars so you know … [Read more...]

3 Composting Techniques Everyone Should Know

We all know by now that composting is important to the environment. It allows natural waste to return to the earth, while adding a nutrient rich material to our gardens. Here is a break down of the top 3 most common techniques for composting for the home gardener. Hot Composting - Open Bins Hot composting is the most intensive method, but also the fastest way to get finished compost. It … [Read more...]

How to Grow Dahlias

If your garden looks tired at the end of the season, but your neighbors' is full of color and texture, chances are they may be growing dahlias. Dahlias bloom from mid summer until frost, and come in small bedding sizes to large 3 foot plants with dinner plate size blooms. They are easy to grow with a few basic guidelines and tips, and will bloom when few other things in the garden will. Did I … [Read more...]

Seed Saving Tips and Ideas

When the end of the season nears, serious gardeners should think about saving seeds from their own plants, to prepare for next season's seed starting. Why save your own seed? Saving your own seed is a budget friendly way to replant next year, after all, you pay for the seed or plant once, and you can keep saving the seed year after year! Saving seed protects biodiversity. In other words, we … [Read more...]

DIY Backyard Wasp Solutions

Summer is here in the garden, and with it a lot of great things, and a few that really can ruin a summer day. Among them, wasps. Nothing will haul the best backyard bbq to a halt faster than a football hitting a wasp nest, sending every human on the block running for the indoors. The best way to prevent wasp stings and the nuisance that they cause is to take preventative action in controlling … [Read more...]

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

I'm a big fan of good garden design, and architectural plants can go a long way towards curing any design flaws your garden is suffering from. Why? Because one of the major mistakes most gardeners make is lack of focus in the garden. When your beds start to look flat, or too busy, or not connected...chances are you really need some good focal points. It's just like decorating a room. You need a … [Read more...]

Heirloom Gardening

Any of you who have been reading my blogs for awhile know that I love things that have history. Age, patina, a past. And when it comes to plants, I feel the same way! Heirloom gardening has a huge following among diverse groups, and for different reasons. I wanted to give you all a quick little lesson on what heirloom gardening is, why it is important, and how you can bring it into your … [Read more...]

Design an Island Bed

Island beds are a great solution for a garden that lacks a focal point, and an easy way to add color and texture to a large expanse of boring lawn. Because they are accessible from all sides, they are easier to plant and maintain. They provide an attractive feature from all different points of the yard, and can add depth and balance. They do, however, have to be designed in way that makes the most … [Read more...]

TGG’s Fav Fragrant Flowers

Fragrant plants are really important in the garden, because they appeal to more than one of our senses. Studies show that the sense of smell can be one of the most important in our life memories. Can you smell a turkey roasting and not think of happy holidays gone by? Or sweet vanilla and perhaps you think of learning to bake cookies as a child? Garden fragrance can be just as powerful. I know … [Read more...]

How to Lay Sod

If you need to lay a new lawn, or repair or replace an old one, there is no faster way to get it established then laying sod. It's not a difficult job if you follow some easy hints. Steve and I have both laid sod before, and we have a step by step guide for you and one big "got to know". You will be sore. Accept it now...but it will be from a job well done, and nothing...I mean nothing transforms … [Read more...]

More Garden Edging: 9 Creative Ideas!

For all of you who have loved our popular post  Garden Edging: 5 Ways to Edge Your Landscape with Recycled Materials then we have even more great ideas for you! Garden or landscape edging can define a garden area, give structure in winter months, and add your personality as well. Whether you choose to use one of these unique edging ideas, or something more traditional, almost every garden can … [Read more...]

Perfect Peonies

I think I hear over and over, that Peonies are one of the most favorited flowers around. What's not to love? Perfect colors, a romantic cupped shape, some are even fragrant! They are not that difficult to grow, but they do have some requirements that make them a little more high maintenance than, say, petunias. But they are worth it. Amazing in the garden, and as cut flowers, here's how to grow … [Read more...]

Using Texture in the Garden

Garden a little boring? Have no idea why? Chances are that it needs a design shake up. The basic principles of design should come into play when designing your garden,  and using texture in the garden is one of the quickest ways to add interest and give it that "designed" feel. What do I mean when I talk about texture in the garden, and how do you use it? There are three easy ways to utilize … [Read more...]

Grow Tropical Indoor Plants

Few things bring more life to our home's interiors than plants, and using tropical plants indoors creates your own little paradise. For us gardeners, it's an opportunity to grow plants we might otherwise not be able to grow in our regions. Tropical plants are pretty easy to grow indoors, and just require attention to a few details to make sure they do well. Here are some popular tropical plants to … [Read more...]

Shade Loving Plants That Bloom All Summer

When the garden catalogs come out and the nurseries start stocking plants, gardeners start thinking about how to get the most bloom for their buck. That can be a really tough job when you have a shaded garden that needs some color. You don't have to have an all foliage garden just because your garden is shaded, and you don't have to settle for just a few weeks of bloom. Here are our top picks for … [Read more...]

Starting Garden Seeds Indoors

It can be easy and inexpensive to start garden seeds indoors for spring planting. Here at The Garden Glove, we use several methods. Method #1 - Purchase an inexpensive dome style seed starter from your local garden center or discount store. These usually sell for less than $10, and contain everything except the seeds to get you growing, including a humidity dome to keep in heat, and soil or … [Read more...]

Easy Care Houseplants

Houseplants are just another way to garden. Indoor gardening has been polar for centuries, and I think it's a basic human need to want to nurture nature, even within our homes. Plus, houseplants are great decorating accents, and help clean the air within a home. However, I think killing houseplants is an all time top factor behind the term "black thumb". There are houseplants, however, that are … [Read more...]

Healing Gardens: What Can Garden Therapy Do For You?

At 105 years-old, Mattie Fancher is still involved with her garden. She celebrated her birthday last month and is still getting noticed for her yard on 32nd Street. She occasionally tours the backyard garden in a wheelchair and she doesn't hesitate to give out expert guidance to landscapers weeding the gardens or pruning the trees. You've heard of “pet therapy”? Most of us know that owning … [Read more...]

How to Get Started in Herb Gardening

Just imagine your pasta and pizza without the finishing touch of oregano or the delicious mince dumplings without the pinch of sage! The outcome is sure to be bland and boring. This is what the herbs do for you’re your culinary skills----they uplift the taste and flavor of any dish. In addition to that they make the dish look colorful and inviting. Thus the defining character of any dish is the … [Read more...]

Fertilizing and Plant Nutrition

Plants, like people, need to be fed regularly, and like people, too much or too little is not a good thing. So, giving advice on fertilizing plants can be challenging. Differences in soil types, existing nutrients, plant type and climate are but a few of the factors that affect proper fertilization. First, let's understand a little bit about fertilizers in general. All plants require at least 17 … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Plants in Bloom with Deadheading

"Off with her head" the queen shouted at Alice in the Lewis Carroll story "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Now I’m not sure if Lewis had an interest in gardening but he could well have been giving us some horticultural instruction which will give us a longer flowering season. There is a technique known as dead-heading, it is a simple task which takes a few minutes however adds days and … [Read more...]