Thrift Store DIY Garden Projects

Repurposing is a craze that is not going away any time soon, and it shouldn't! We all need to think about things in a new way to prevent waste, and it helps that it is a lot of fun to use your creativity to make old things into new. I especially love to use old things in the garden... Ok, it sounds dumb, but I feel like Mother Nature appreciates it just a little more when it's used to enhance the … [Read more...]

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders

I love songbirds, and I have several feeders in my yard. But I get bored with the same old stuff you find at the box stores... I love the idea of making your own bird feeders because it's an easy project even for beginners, and also because I think it makes the connection with nature stronger when you have had a hand in it. And since I love things that are just a little bit unique, here are our … [Read more...]

Birding from the Backyard!

The winter months are some of the best times of year to think about the birds. Not only do your neighborhood birds appreciate some extra help this time of year in the form of food, water and shelter, it's the perfect time to learn about them and most of all, learn to appreciate them. Oh, and it gives you an excuse to get out in the garden, winter frost or no! Chances are, if you love gardens, … [Read more...]

Fall Is For The Birds! 7 DIY Bird Baths

Fall is the time of the year when birds become very active in the garden. I love birds in my yard, and we here at TGG have feeders and bird baths that we keep active all year round to attract the little guys.  Oh, and they are great garden decor as well! When it comes down to it, a bird bath is just a shallow container that holds water sat onto a base. So there are more ways to build a bird … [Read more...]

5 Fun Up-Cycled Bird Houses, Feeders and Baths!

Nothing is as fun in the garden as the whimsical use of up-cycled materials for garden projects. The perfect marriage is reusing the past and bringing the wildlife of nature into your yard. History and nature just seems to go together. Maybe its because wherever history has been made, whether its history within a family, or within a country...nature has always been there, promising a tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Birdhouses – Good for the Family & Great for the Birds

Adding a birdhouse to your back yard is a great way to build family togetherness, as well as help the decline in habitats that our feathered friends are facing. When placing birdhouses in your yard you are encouraging birds to frequent your yard. By providing shelter from the weather and from predators you are strengthening the bird population for future generations to enjoy. Birdhouses also … [Read more...]

Urban Garden: Winter Garden Wildlife

Recent research indicate that the bird population and varieties are in decline, and in some urban areas some species are in rapid decline and on the verge of becoming extinct. Much of this has to do with the urbanisation of our towns and cities, but also the development of rural areas. There is perhaps a sense of powerlessness to prevent the relentless development and consequential loss of … [Read more...]

The Best Trees and Bushes to Attract Birds

Hearing the melodic songs of birds, seeing the bright red of a cardinal, or the quick, dipping flight of a chickadee are the things that make me say, "Yes, it is a good day". Planting the right bushes and trees in your yard can contribute to attracting birds to your yard, and enhance your mood. Any type of bushes and trees are better than none. There are four categories of trees and bushes that … [Read more...]

Make an Easy, Elegant and Inexpensive Birdbath

Bringing birds to your garden is one of the great joys of any gardener. Aside form providing food, providing water is must in creating a wildlife friendly garden. Here is a quick and easy and cheap birdbath that looks elegant and can be made from items you already own or can easily get from your local garden center. Supplies Tall pot or urn, or even a piece of large pipe. A large … [Read more...]

Bird Watching and Gardening

The weather may be frightful at the moment, but spring is not too far around the bend. If you love to watch birds, why not start your own personal bird garden? Just as certain plants and flowers attract various creatures, birds are immediately drawn to certain types of flowers as well. In fact, one of the best ways to learn what types of birds are in your area is to plant a bird garden, and … [Read more...]