Make Your Patio Pop with Color!

So this is going to be one of those, let's get inspired together type of posts. I love color in the garden. I feel like my garden and patio should be kind of like art... because what you are doing in a garden is honoring the art and beauty in nature. And nature is colorful! I really love garden designers that are willing to step out of the typical design zone, and use art and color in the garden. … [Read more...]

Pretty In Pink!

Most of us grow gardens because we love the feeling they give us. Whether that feeling is calm or energetic, color is one of the main ways we can affect and change the feeling of a garden. Rather than going for the same old green garden with splashes of yellow or red, how about go a little bolder, but soft at the same time... Make your garden Pretty in Pink! Whether it's with pink flowers, or pink … [Read more...]