Amazing Alliums

Alliums are one of the best and easiest bulbs to grow in the gardening world, but often overlooked. Gorgeous, show stopping blooms, easy growing requirements, and amazing architectural shape make these perfect for any gardener, beginner or seasoned veteran. The large round or oval flowers are borne on single stalks that tower over the garden from 1-4 feet, usually in mid spring to early summer, … [Read more...]

Fall Front Door Decor Ideas

I think one of the most important places to decorate for the fall just might be your front porch. After all, it's where you greet anyone who visits your home, but it's also a way to share with passerby's as well. Who doesn't get a little warm and fuzzy when they catch sight of a homey fall decor display? It can be tough to learn how to create those little vignettes on your porch or in your garden, … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fall Containers

The growing session isn't over just because summer is winding down... one of the best ways to keep your garden space vibrant is to use fall containers. And most of you who have been reading TGG awhile know that I like to do things just a little different from the crowd, so our choices here are not the average pot o' mums! So with inspiring combinations and plant suggestions, let's let the photos … [Read more...]

Fix for Fall : Easy Annuals to Wake Up your Garden

As summer reaches it's peak, now is the time to start thinking about fixing up the garden at the end of the season. The fact is, most gardens look a bit tired by the time September rolls around. If you plan ahead, you can be prepared with one of these top annual flowers for fall, and brighten up your garden space. There is still a lot of growing season left after the kids go back to school, so … [Read more...]

How to Grow Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are easily one of the most elegant and stunning specimen plants you can add to your garden. There are varieties that can be grown in containers, and few of them ever reach over 25 feet tall, making them adaptable to any space. The fall colors on Japanese Maples is stunning, and because of their smaller size, easy to appreciate in a small garden than a larger tree or shrub. Many … [Read more...]

Best Plants for Fall Color

You may be looking around your neighborhood with envy this time of year, admiring the gorgeous shrubs, plants and small trees giving their yearly, and spectacular fall show. If you, like myself, have fall color envy, then here are some great plants for fall color you can plant this fall or next spring. Next year, it will be your turn for people to slow down and stare as they pass your … [Read more...]

Fall Lawn Tricks for a Killer Lawn in Spring!

Most people don't realize that to have a really great lawn, the secret isn't in piling on extra fertilizer and watering as soon as the snow melts in spring. The secret to a great lawn lies in fall lawn maintenance. That's right gardeners, the ugly word... maintenance. The fact is that letting an unhealthy lawn lie over the winter is not going to make all those problems go away, and can actually … [Read more...]

Fall Porch and Yard Decorating Ideas

There is something about decorating your garden and porch for fall. It's a welcoming feeling, and it's full of warmth of the season to come. I love sharing that slower season with all my friends and family, and enjoying those cooler days outdoors. Decorating for fall is a natural for most gardeners. We just feel it... the need to connect with the garden as the coming winter draws a little closer, … [Read more...]

How to Buy Plants on Clearance (And which ones!)

Fall is a great time of year to pick up a huge discount on plants at the local nursery and home improvement center on clearance. There are a couple of tips to choosing plants that will give you healthy growth into next year, and we have our favs that you should try this fall!   Tips: Call your nursery ahead of time, and find out when their clearance starts. First come, first served! … [Read more...]

Fall Container Wow in 3 Easy Steps

Fall is one of the best times to up your curb appeal and create a welcoming yard and garden for all your family and friends. Updating your planters and containers for fall is easy, can be done in an afternoon, and can last well into the holiday season. Fall creates a whole new gardening personality... one that is more laid back and sleepy, but also electrified with color and texture. It's almost … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Checklist: 10 Things…

Just because the weather is turning cooler is no reason to turn your back on the garden! In fact, giving your garden a little extra time now can help you have a great gardening season next year. It also happens to be an excellent time to get out and dig in the dirt, get a little exercise, and dream about the changes you are going to make in your garden design. Cooler weather and fewer outdoor … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes Growing Mums

Mums, or Chrysanthemums, are one of the most popular and classic fall flowers for the garden of all time. With good reason! They come in a wide array of colors, last well into frost, and keep a dying landscape looking fresh and colorful while we ready ourselves for letting go of the growing season. But there are some tricks to growing them, and some of them may catch you off guard. Here are the … [Read more...]