Clever Projects Made using Herbs

If you grow herbs in your garden, chances are there comes a time every year when you realize you have tons of herbs. Don't just let them die back with the end of the season and end up in the compost pile! Herbs were meant to be used and useful, and if you know what to do with them, they can have great uses in the kitchen, bath, or even as great gifts! (People pay good money for these specialty … [Read more...]

Insanely Cool Herb Garden Container Ideas

I love having fresh herbs at my fingertips, without having to trek all the way through the garden for a few sprigs of basil. (Not that I don't love an excuse to trek through the garden!) But having a container garden full of fresh herbs makes it a lot more likely that you will actually use them. And now that I finally have Steve softening on the idea of basil, I want a kitchen herb garden! We … [Read more...]

Easy Steps To Square Foot Garden Success

Square foot gardening is most often used for growing veggies, herbs and greens in a small space. It's a simple concept that cuts down on gardening chores, saves money, water and seed, and grows healthier plants that are easily harvested when you want. Basically, square foot gardening is the theory that instead of planting in rows, you build a grid of one foot squares, fill with lightweight soil, … [Read more...]

8 Healing Herbs You Can Grow

I'm a big fan of herbs... I love how they smell, the texture they provide, that self sustaining feeling they give you, just having them in the garden. But I'm also a big fan because I'm convinced many of them can do you good and help you heal from minor ailments. I chose eight of my top fav healing herbs for the garden based on how easy they are to use and prepare at home, and also how easy they … [Read more...]

Creative Outdoor Herb Gardens

Herb gardens are my favorite type of garden. There is something really satisfying about plants that do it all -  they are pretty, fragrant, tasty and even medicinal! They can be grown in a formal style, or rock an old boot! They are practical plants full of nostalgia and charm, and can grace the finest table while tantalizing virtually all the senses. And they have a quality about them they makes … [Read more...]

Ornamental Edibles

I've always loved having edibles in my garden. It isn't a new idea, cottage gardens in Europe traditionally combined growing vegetables for the family along with table flowers, due to the small spaces most people had in those times. And cottage gardening continues to be one of the most popular gardening styles, because of the charm and possibilities that those type of gardens hold. I suppose there … [Read more...]

DIY Indoor Herb Gardens

I love herbs, and growing them indoors is easy. Herbs add a texture, feel and scent to a room or a garden that is unlike any other plant. And, there is nothing like cooking with fresh herbs! But if you are like me, you like to do most things just a little bit different, so we found these DIY indoor herb garden projects and ideas that are just a cut above the usual terra cotta pots. (Not that there … [Read more...]

How To Harvest and Preserve Your Garden Herbs

For those of you who grew herbs in your garden this year, you may be wondering what to do with them! What do you do with that much sage, after all? Before you throw your hands up and figure that herb season is over with the first frost, read these tips on how to harvest herbs, and clever ways to preserve them so you have fresh from the garden flavor all year long. Feature photo above from 'Rustic … [Read more...]

Herb Gardens

Herb gardens are grown around the world. By definition an herb is any plant that has a useful purpose; usually medicinal, savory, or aromatic. Herbs are grown for medicinal properties, decorative and scent, cooking and for the simple joy of creating a useful garden full of texture, scent and color. Herb gardens are easy to grow, doing well in poor soils. Most herb gardens are drought tolerant … [Read more...]

Herb Gardening With Your Children

Herb gardening with children is a delightful way to engage children in gardening as a hobby. Both your teenagers and young children will enjoy herb gardening. Teach them about the history of herbs and their many uses. Not only will they get a feeling of satisfaction about growing the herbs but they will feel a sense of contribution to the family when the herbs are used in cooking. They will be … [Read more...]

Rosemary: The Herb of Remembrance and Friendship

Rosmarinus officinalis, commonly called rosemary is an aromatic herb indigenous to the Mediterranean area. Rosemary is traditionally known as the herb of remembrance and friendship. Also known as Mary's mantle and compass weed, rosemary is a lovely, sweet scented, shrubby perennial in Mediterranean countries that can be grown as an annual in Northern climates or as an indoor potted plant. Rosemary … [Read more...]

Basil: The King of Herbs

One of the most popular herbs is Ocimum basilicum commonly called sweet basil. Often called the 'king of herbs,' basil can be grown indoors or out. Sweet basil has inch-long, oval-pointed, dark green leaves and a clove-pepperish odour and taste. Sweet basil makes a handsome, bushy small plant, growing to a foot or more indoors. A purple-leafed variety, 'Dark Opal' is decorative, makes a lovely … [Read more...]

10 Herbs You Can Grow in Containers

Growing herbs has become a very popular hobby today. Not only are they decorative, but growing herbs yourself gives you an ongoing fresh supply of herbs for cooking. A good thing about growing herbs is that they can be done indoors. This way, they can be enjoyed even if you are living in the city and do not have room for outdoor gardening space. Helpful Tips for Growing Herbs in … [Read more...]

Herb Garden Design

Since ancient times, large gardens have been used for growing vegetables, flowers, fruits and medicines. These gardens are called herb gardens. Some common plants grown are rosemary, parsley, sage, marjoram, thyme, mint, rue, angelica, bay and basil. Herb garden designs can be useful or ornamental depending on the kind of plants grown in them. Herb garden designs of medieval and Renaissance … [Read more...]

Growing Herbs In Your Garden

Why would you want to grow herbs in your garden? Fresh herbs are awesome. I love just putting basil leaves on a tuna sandwich and in salads. For the culinary lovers herbs are something they need fresh. Herbs serve as a major source for seasoning in preparation of foods. Herbs have a wider range of use. Some are used for scents and cosmetics while others for medicinal purposes. Effective ayurvedic … [Read more...]

Using Herbs For Pest Prevention

Herbs are for more than just making your food extra wonderful or supporting your health and vitality through tea blend infusions. Planted in strategic places in your vegetable garden, herbs repel certain kinds of insects without the use of harmful chemicals. Try planting these herbs and flowers in your garden as preventative measures. If you get a really bad infestation, go to chemicals, but … [Read more...]

How to Get Started in Herb Gardening

Just imagine your pasta and pizza without the finishing touch of oregano or the delicious mince dumplings without the pinch of sage! The outcome is sure to be bland and boring. This is what the herbs do for you’re your culinary skills----they uplift the taste and flavor of any dish. In addition to that they make the dish look colorful and inviting. Thus the defining character of any dish is the … [Read more...]

4 Great Reasons To Interplant Herbs & Flowers With Your Vegetable Crops

Interplanting just means growing several different plants amongst each other. There are many benefits to growing herbs and flowers throughout your vegetable crops – one is that they look great, combining beauty and purpose. The original cottage garden style is believed to have evolved from the interplanting of herbs and flowers amongst the vegetables. So what benefits are there to growing … [Read more...]

Thyme: The Herb of Courage

Garden thyme, fresh or dried, alone or combined with parsley and bay leaves to make a bouquet garni, adds a distinctive aromatic flavouring to meats, poultry, stews, sauces, and stuffing. Thymus vulgaris, commonly known as cooking thyme, English thyme, French thyme, or winter thyme is just one of the 350 species of the genus Thymus. Often called the 'herb of courage,' garden thyme can be grown … [Read more...]