Beautiful Blooming Trees for Spring

There is nothing more awe inspiring than the sight of gorgeous spring blooming trees after a long winter. It's like going to sleep for days, then waking up to see your favorite person there next to you, smiling... You can't help but feel happy, uplifted, hopeful and joyful. If that sounds like I'm dramatizing a simple tree, then you are not a gardener. At least, not yet. ;) Because us gardeners … [Read more...]

DIY Backyard Fancy Fence Ideas

Putting up a backyard fence isn't a small project, but it's one that can improve your time in your yard, make it safe for kids and pets, and increase your home's value. So don't just put up a plain old fence! Take it up a notch and make your home look more custom with our DIY backyard fancy fence ideas! Some of these are DIY projects to get you right on your way, some are just ideas you can adapt … [Read more...]

Privacy with Plants

Privacy is a big concern in our gardens. While we love our neighbors (ok, we hope to be lucky enough to love our neighbors), having that private space when you are outside is important to what a garden is all about. None of us want to build a ten foot wall all around our property, but fortunately, there is a better way. Using plants to create privacy is not only a friendly way to keep out prying … [Read more...]

10 No Fail Perennials for Low Water Gardens

No matter where you live, being water wise is the smart way to garden. And if you live in drought stricken or prone areas, it's a must. While I love a gorgeous hydrangea, and roses are amazing, there are plenty of flowering plants that don't suck down our water resources. These ten no fail perennials for low water gardens fit the bill, are gorgeous as stand alone plants, and come back every year! … [Read more...]

Landscaping With Conifers

Landscaping with evergreens is the backbone of most garden spaces. Conifers are the stars of that group, including pines, firs, spruces, cedars and sequoias. However, landscaping with conifers can be confusing. After all, we've all seen that monster of a blue spruce have to be torn down because it outgrew its space, or those sad arborvitae planted as a hedge where half of them are a deep … [Read more...]

Beautiful & Classic Lawn Edging Ideas

Edging your lawn is more than just creating a mow strip, or keeping the weeds out. It sets off what can be the largest element in your yard and garden! Its kind of like trim around a door frame or baseboard moldings around a wall. It finishes it well. So adding a lawn edging could be just what your yard was missing. We've already covered creative garden edging, and then more creative garden … [Read more...]

7 Gorgeous Shade Loving Plants

A lot of gardeners hate the word "shade". It keeps them awake at night wondering how to get anything to bloom or grow. For so long we have been conditioned to believe that pretty things only grow in the bright sunshine. It just isn't true! Some of the most beautiful and enduring gardens in the world thrive in partial to deep shady conditions, and yours can too. The secret is easy... simply choose … [Read more...]

How to Build a Fabulous Floating Deck

Decks don't always have to be attached to the house to give you an effective place to gather and entertain. In fact, floating decks, or decks that are set away from a structure, are a great design feature to break up a boxy or boring yard. They are also a great idea for larger yards that have room for an additional seating space. For instance, a small deck set away from the house might be a good … [Read more...]

Great Groundcovers!

Groundcovers are great for covering larger areas of soil quickly, and with low maintenance. They control soil erosion, suppress weeds, act as a natural mulch under shrubs and trees, and make a pretty carpet of planting to boot! Groundcovers are available for hot, dry sites, shady situations, poor soil and areas that are always wet. Some flower, some don't. Some have a strong fragrance, and some … [Read more...]

DIY Garden Retaining Walls

If your garden is on any kind of a slope, it's possible a garden retaining wall might make your property more usable, and more valuable. Retaining walls hold back soil to allow a level planting area in a space that normally would have poor soil, drainage, and access. So banish the idea that only ground cover plants can grow on your slope! Build one of these DIY garden retaining walls and change … [Read more...]

Step by Step! : DIY Garden Steps and Stairs

Unless your yard and garden is perfectly flat, chances are at one time or another, you've thought, "wouldn't some steps be nice there?" Or even more ambitiously, stairs? Steps and stairs make getting around the yard easier, of course. But they also lead the eye through the garden, and give it structure. You can add DIY steps and stairs to your garden with these tutorials and inspirational ideas. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Use Cinder Blocks in the Garden

Concrete, or cinder block, is an inexpensive and organic building material for the garden. Easily picked up at your local home improvement store, with a little creativity you can use it to create garden hardscaping that will last. It combines well with other elements such as wood, and is easy for even the beginning DIY'er to work with. What are five ways to use it in the garden? Planters … [Read more...]

DIY Dry Creek Beds

If you want to make a dramatic statement in your garden, without a lot of maintenence, a DIY dry creek bed is the way to go. It gives your yard a natural feel, without having to manage a real water feature. And they are surprisingly easy to DIY, but still have a professional look to the finished project.  They are great options for an area that doesn't drain well, has poor soil, or perhaps has an … [Read more...]

7 Classic DIY Garden Walkway Projects

One of the most important design elements in a garden is structure. It's easy (ok, it is a little bit of work!) to add structure by adding paths and walkways. They give the eye a place to rest, follow, and let you lead visitors throughout the garden. Classic DIY garden walkway projects can be done in a weekend, and can seriously up the anty on any garden design. Even adding a simple pathway from … [Read more...]

Design an Island Bed

Island beds are a great solution for a garden that lacks a focal point, and an easy way to add color and texture to a large expanse of boring lawn. Because they are accessible from all sides, they are easier to plant and maintain. They provide an attractive feature from all different points of the yard, and can add depth and balance. They do, however, have to be designed in way that makes the most … [Read more...]

Foliage not Flowers!

Your garden doesn't have to be a flamboyant display of bright blooms to be a "garden". In fact, some of the most interesting gardens in the world rely on foliage to supply color and interest. Green is not the only color of leaves, either. The plant world is full of varied choices full of color, texture and form that can carry off a fun, whimsical space, or the most formal and elegant of gardens. … [Read more...]

DIY Garden Trellis Projects

Growing vines and other vertical elements in a garden adds height, interest, expands useful space, and sometimes even acts as a privacy screen! It's pretty impossibly to grow most vines, however, without the proper support. You can build DIY garden trellises for any garden from anything from inexpensive lumber to recycled and repurpose materials. Check out these DIY garden trellis tutorials and … [Read more...]

5 Top Garden Vines

Vines are really useful in the garden because they give it a dimension we don't realize we need until we have it...vertical elements in the garden. Not to mention that there are few things more idyllic than a garden vine draped over an old porch, arbor or gazebo! Not every vine is perfect for every place, however. Vines need to fit their purpose, and then they become a great garden solution. Here … [Read more...]

How to Grow Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are easily one of the most elegant and stunning specimen plants you can add to your garden. There are varieties that can be grown in containers, and few of them ever reach over 25 feet tall, making them adaptable to any space. The fall colors on Japanese Maples is stunning, and because of their smaller size, easy to appreciate in a small garden than a larger tree or shrub. Many … [Read more...]

Modern Trends: Cactus Garden Ideas & Tips

If your vision of growing cactus involves a dry desert look, think again. Cactus and succulents are one of the hottest garden trends going on right now, and we all should give them a little look. Live in a northern climate and don't think you can grow them? We cover that too. Here's how to grow cactus, and some great inspiration in using them as a modern design element to update any garden or … [Read more...]

Palm Springs: Lessons in Texture, Beauty and Form

A few weeks ago my technical director (Steve, for those of you who haven't caught that yet) and I took a quick trip down to lovely Palm Springs to check out...well, Palm Springs! But while we were there, we visited a lot of gardening sites that inspired me, and I thought I'd bring back a few lessons for all of you. (And a surprise!) First of all, summer is “off” season in Palm Springs. Why? … [Read more...]

DIY Project: How to Build a Back Yard Fire Pit (It’s Easy!)

I love what a fire pit does for any yard or garden. It brings family and friends together and makes any garden into a warm, welcoming place to let go of the stress of the day. Plus, let's be honest, it feels like camping, and who doesn’t love that? Here's how to build a back yard fire pit step by step, and it doesn't have to be expensive. A quick trip to the home improvement store, a little hard … [Read more...]

Garden Edging: 5 Ways to Edge Your Landscape with Recycled Materials

One of the most overlooked elements of garden design for the average DIY gardener is garden edging. It can be laborious to install, expensive, and lets face it...just plain boring. Landscape edging can create a solid hard-scaping base for your garden design to improve curb appeal, and add structure to your garden and yard during the winter months. Here are 5 great ways to make your garden edging … [Read more...]

Making a New Lawn From Seed or Sod

A lawn is one of the most important features in a garden. It provides an important refreshing green foil for colorful flowering plants and a place for the family to relax and play. However, in order for it to be a success, much careful thought and preparation are necessary during its establishment. The usual methods of making a new lawn are by sowing seed or laying sod. A lawn can be created … [Read more...]

How to Landscape Patios and Small Gardens

Due to the small area available to some homeowners and apartment dwellers, patios and small gardens may seem like a challenge to landscape. What follows are a few simple tips and strategies designed to maximize space, and help you create a lush and vibrant outdoor living area. Container Gardening Examine your patio or small garden, and you will probably see nothing but straight lines and … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ideas to Create a Beautifully Landscaped Yard

Are you one of those people who look at other peoples yards and wonder how do they do it? Ever think that there is no way to afford it? It is not as hard or expensive as you may think. Here are 7 easy landscape ideas to consider when you want to make a change in your landscape: 1. Remember, it's your yard. It's okay to make your front yard an outside living space. Most people think that grass … [Read more...]

Making Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

If you want a great vegetable garden you need to use raised garden beds. Raised beds are great for growing healthy, productive vegetables and flowers and they’re easy to make. Making a raised bed is a simple bit of carpentry that anyone should be able to do. The easiest way to buy some 2x12 lumber and screw them together in the shape of a rectangle. You can make them as long as you like but you … [Read more...]