Fall Lawn Tricks for a Killer Lawn in Spring!

Most people don't realize that to have a really great lawn, the secret isn't in piling on extra fertilizer and watering as soon as the snow melts in spring. The secret to a great lawn lies in fall lawn maintenance. That's right gardeners, the ugly word... maintenance. The fact is that letting an unhealthy lawn lie over the winter is not going to make all those problems go away, and can actually … [Read more...]

Fall Garden Checklist: 10 Things…

Just because the weather is turning cooler is no reason to turn your back on the garden! In fact, giving your garden a little extra time now can help you have a great gardening season next year. It also happens to be an excellent time to get out and dig in the dirt, get a little exercise, and dream about the changes you are going to make in your garden design. Cooler weather and fewer outdoor … [Read more...]

Low Maintenance Gardening – 7 Steps To A Beautiful And Easy Garden

Plant a Low Maintenance Garden This year why not plant a low maintenance garden. It will not only satisfy your Spring fever urges but will also add beauty and value to your home. 1. Plan You can save time and energy if you start with a basic plan. Look around your yard and determine a good spot for a garden. If you’re not an expert gardener start by picking a relatively small area. Take the … [Read more...]