DIY Garden Hose Storage

If you read our post on Organizing Your Garden Shed, you know that it's that time of year when it will pay off to get your garden accessories in order. Nothing gets tripped over, mowed over or driven over more than the garden hose. Isn't it time to get it stored properly? Not to mention, a garden with the hose always left about is an eyesore... you want to appreciate the garden itself, not the … [Read more...]

Organize Your Garden Shed

The early spring might be the best time of year to get out and organize your garden shed... The best part is that it gets you out in the garden, even though there is little to do in the way of planting and caring for your garden space. Oh, yea, it also saves you time, money and aggravation. But really, it gets you out in the garden, and when can that ever be a bad thing? Seriously, getting your … [Read more...]