How to Grow English Roses

English roses are perhaps the perfect compliment to any garden, but to a garden with cottage style most of all. By many gardeners' accounts the "perfect" rose, these roses were bred by Englishman David Austin (they are also called David Austin Roses) to combine the positive re-blooming attribute of the modern tea rose with the vigor, form and intense fragrance of the old world roses. And did he … [Read more...]

How to Prune Roses

If you have roses in your garden, chances are, you need to learn how to prune them. Why prune? Here's the thing... most roses are a lot tougher than we give them credit for... In fact, it can be pretty hard to kill a rose! But just because they can survive through a lot of neglect, doesn't mean they will be healthy, or beautiful. Pruning helps the rose plant in three ways... It shapes the … [Read more...]

5 Roses – 5 Solutions!

We all love our roses, but who would have thought that they can be great problem solvers? Choosing the right type of rose for a troublesome situation can make the difference between success and failure. Here are our top 5 roses for the top garden problems! High Traffic (Thornless or almost thornless Roses) When planting roses in a high traffic area, one of your top concerns is safety. No one … [Read more...]

Trouble-Free Gardening With Antique Roses

Introducing the Roses Your Grandmother Loved Old roses are new again, and there is good reason for their newfound popularity. Hybrid tea roses, which are the only roses many of us know today, are heir to so many bugs and diseases that one needs an advanced degree in horticulture to keep them off life support. Not so with antiques. Some came across the plains in covered wagons, some … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Planting Roses

When spring arrives, and the ground is thawed, it is time to start planting your rose garden. Roses date back to biblical times and have been a considered a cherished aphrodisiac then and still are today. Roses hold particular mystery and fascination, not to mention the fact that they just look and smell good! Roses require 4 to 6 hours of sunlight everyday. It is preferable not to plant too … [Read more...]

How To Prune Your Roses For Stunning Results

Pruning and deadheading are essential to proper rose care. Alas, there are nearly as many opinions about how and when to prune as there are roses in need of pruning. While seasoned rosarians have their favorite tried-and-true methods, this article is geared toward new-comers who are unsure where to start. As time goes by, you may feel the urge to modify these techniques or even develop new ones of … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Roses For Your Garden

There are literally hundreds of types of roses that you can grow in your garden. With such a selection to choose from, it can be extremely difficult to choose the rose that's right for you. To make this task a bit easier, We've outlined a few important factors you should consider, and explained some of the different types of roses to aid in your search. Tips on Choosing Roses 1. Color may … [Read more...]

How and When to Plant Roses

When spring comes and the ground is thawed, it is time to start planting your rose garden. Roses have been a cherished aphrodisiac since biblical times. They have been around for over 3000 years, yet they still hold a particular mystery and fascination, not to mention the fact that they just look and smell good! One of the most important rules of growing roses is to plant the rose bush in an area … [Read more...]

Rose Cutting Tips That Maximize Display Life

What could smell or look lovelier than a vase full of stunning roses? With just a little care, they can last a very long time in a vase. 5 Tips For Cutting Roses 1. Wait until after 3 p.m. to cut, when their nutrient levels are the highest. 2. Choose buds that have just started to open, only 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through the process. Once a bud has fully opened, it's too late to … [Read more...]