Top 12 Garden Seed Catalogs – 2017

One of the hardest decisions a new gardener must make is where to buy their garden seeds and supplies. Here at The Garden Glove, we have several favorite seed catalogs and suppliers, and we update this list every January. This list has been updated for 2017. Here is some info on our top picks that we use ourselves, and our experience with them, along with their website information. Log onto … [Read more...]

When Should I Plant What?

When thinking about planting seeds, sometimes it can be confusing. What should I plant when? Well, the answer is... there are a lot of different answers! What to plant when depends on your location and zone, your weather, and your planting method. Some seeds must be started indoors early, and others can be planted right out in the garden. Here are our picks for seed starting calendars so you know … [Read more...]

Seed Saving Tips and Ideas

When the end of the season nears, serious gardeners should think about saving seeds from their own plants, to prepare for next season's seed starting. Why save your own seed? Saving your own seed is a budget friendly way to replant next year, after all, you pay for the seed or plant once, and you can keep saving the seed year after year! Saving seed protects biodiversity. In other words, we … [Read more...]

Starting Garden Seeds Indoors

It can be easy and inexpensive to start garden seeds indoors for spring planting. Here at The Garden Glove, we use several methods. Method #1 - Purchase an inexpensive dome style seed starter from your local garden center or discount store. These usually sell for less than $10, and contain everything except the seeds to get you growing, including a humidity dome to keep in heat, and soil or … [Read more...]

Best Plants to Start from Seed

Seed catalogs are out, (check our post on our seed catalog recommendations) and soon dedicated gardeners will be choosing what plants to grow this year from seed. We have some choices that make the experience a lot easier, with less frustration than you may have experienced if you have tried to grow plants from seed before. Choosing plants to grow from seed can be hit and miss, especially for the … [Read more...]

Starting Vegetables Indoors from Seed

It's a beautiful, chilly March day, and I'm dreaming about planting my garden this spring. While it's definitely still too cold to plant my garden, with a little planning and preparation, I can start my vegetable garden indoors to be ready to plant outdoors as soon as the last frost passes. Generally you can start vegetables from seed four to ten weeks before the last frost. Where I live the … [Read more...]