Palm Springs: Lessons in Texture, Beauty and Form

A few weeks ago my technical director (Steve, for those of you who haven't caught that yet) and I took a quick trip down to lovely Palm Springs to check out...well, Palm Springs! But while we were there, we visited a lot of gardening sites that inspired me, and I thought I'd bring back a few lessons for all of you. (And a surprise!) First of all, summer is “off” season in Palm Springs. Why? … [Read more...]

How to Give Your Desert Backyard Southwestern Flair

Let’s face it, the Southwestern Backyard is not the same as any other backyard. Try to plant a nice lawn, and you cultivate an expanse of brown crusty dead stuff. Or you will run up a water bill worthy of an Olympic swimming pool. So how in the world do you make the most of what the desert offers to you? What can make the Southwestern Backyard special? Let’s just give it a shot! Come with me to … [Read more...]