Easy Steps To Square Foot Garden Success

Square foot gardening is most often used for growing veggies, herbs and greens in a small space. It's a simple concept that cuts down on gardening chores, saves money, water and seed, and grows healthier plants that are easily harvested when you want. Basically, square foot gardening is the theory that instead of planting in rows, you build a grid of one foot squares, fill with lightweight soil, … [Read more...]

Ornamental Edibles

I've always loved having edibles in my garden. It isn't a new idea, cottage gardens in Europe traditionally combined growing vegetables for the family along with table flowers, due to the small spaces most people had in those times. And cottage gardening continues to be one of the most popular gardening styles, because of the charm and possibilities that those type of gardens hold. I suppose there … [Read more...]

DIY Raised Garden Beds

Growing season is creeping nearer, and we all are looking at our garden beds from last year in the harsh light of winters lack of plant cover...and possible being disappointed by their condition. Have you considered using raised beds this year? Raised beds are great for veggies and herbs, and can be the perfect solution for flower beds when the soil is poor, or when a gardener just needs an easier … [Read more...]

Got Veggies? Harvesting Your Vegetable Garden for Flavor!

It's that time of year again! Late summer and early fall is prime time for fresh vegetables in the garden. If you were lucky enough to grow some of the good stuff in your little spot this year, here are some easy tips to help you harvest your late summer vegetables at the right time for the best flavor, nutrition and texture. Beans Beans are a crop that should be harvested every other day as … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Grow Vegetables in any Garden

I used to grow vegetables in a larger separate garden here at TGG, but have since moved into a home with less space and open ground. I find that I do miss fresh herbs and veggies on my table, and so I have come up with some simple ways anyone can use to grow fresh vegetables even if their space is small, their soil is poor, or their motivation for lots of hard work is low! Did I mention? Growing … [Read more...]

4 Great Reasons To Interplant Herbs & Flowers With Your Vegetable Crops

Interplanting just means growing several different plants amongst each other. There are many benefits to growing herbs and flowers throughout your vegetable crops – one is that they look great, combining beauty and purpose. The original cottage garden style is believed to have evolved from the interplanting of herbs and flowers amongst the vegetables. So what benefits are there to growing … [Read more...]

Starting Vegetables Indoors from Seed

It's a beautiful, chilly March day, and I'm dreaming about planting my garden this spring. While it's definitely still too cold to plant my garden, with a little planning and preparation, I can start my vegetable garden indoors to be ready to plant outdoors as soon as the last frost passes. Generally you can start vegetables from seed four to ten weeks before the last frost. Where I live the … [Read more...]

Making Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

If you want a great vegetable garden you need to use raised garden beds. Raised beds are great for growing healthy, productive vegetables and flowers and they’re easy to make. Making a raised bed is a simple bit of carpentry that anyone should be able to do. The easiest way to buy some 2x12 lumber and screw them together in the shape of a rectangle. You can make them as long as you like but you … [Read more...]

Container Vegetable Gardening – The Easy Way To A Mouth-Watering Harvest

Container vegetable gardening is so simple even your kids will love it. Vegetable gardening in versatile garden planters is easy and enjoyable for everyone. It's your perfect answer! In only weeks you could be enjoying the first quality harvests from your container vegetable garden. Stop buying expensive and bland produce at the grocery store (think tomatoes). You can grow your own natural … [Read more...]

Tips On Growing Potatoes

Plant potatoes in your home garden and grow one of the most popular vegetables eaten today. Each American eats about 30 pounds of potatoes a year. To begin growing potatoes, buy certified seed potatoes at nurseries or garden centers. The ones in supermarkets have usually been treated with growth retardants. Ten to 14 days before planting, place seed potatoes in a warm area so they begin … [Read more...]

Planting Tomatoes in Your Garden

Tomatoes are without a doubt one of the most popular vegetables in the home garden, and for good reason. Homegrown tomatoes are very nutritious and much more flavorful than those bought from a store. Tomato plants will produce an abundance of fruit for the home gardener if they are properly planted and cared for. Tomatoes require a fairly long growing season, and for this reason the seeds are … [Read more...]

Tomato Container Gardens

Tomato container gardens are an alternative to a traditional tomato garden. Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables, well in this case fruits, of people around the world. They can be used in so many ways, in a salad or to make a sauce for pasta and a myriad of other ways in your culinary pursuits. Sadly in some places tomatoes are being priced at three dollars per pound or more. … [Read more...]