Bring in the Butterflies

One of the most popular theme gardens is a butterfly garden. Who can resist those delicate, magical creatures that float through the air, and can bring a smile to the face of the most grizzled old hermit? Let's face it, everyone loves the butterflies. It isn't hard to create a garden that is more friendly to butterflies visiting, and spending some time with you. Fall is a great time to put in … [Read more...]

Birding from the Backyard!

The winter months are some of the best times of year to think about the birds. Not only do your neighborhood birds appreciate some extra help this time of year in the form of food, water and shelter, it's the perfect time to learn about them and most of all, learn to appreciate them. Oh, and it gives you an excuse to get out in the garden, winter frost or no! Chances are, if you love gardens, … [Read more...]

Make Your Garden a Hummingbird Haven

If you love hummingbirds and would like to see more in your garden, there are a of couple easy steps to attract them and convince them to stick around. Create a hummingbird haven and have them coming back all season long! Step One: Grow plants that naturally attract hummingbirds. Flowers with long throats or large amounts of nectar are their favorites. Some of their favorites? Butterfly … [Read more...]