Creative Outdoor Christmas Lights

Some of us really look forward to our outdoor Christmas lighting each year... to some of us it's just an obligatory pain... That's kind of sad, becasue it gives us a reason to celebrate the outdoors at a time of year when we don't get out into the garden much. I think those who dread it only feel that way becasue they haven't been inspired! So here are some great ideas for DIY Christmas outdoor … [Read more...]

Winterize Your Garden Tools!

With cold weather approaching, it might be tempting to just push all the garden tools to the back of the shed and forget about them until nest season. However,  taking a little time and effort (this is pretty easy guys) now will not only make your tools last longer, it will also make them more enjoyable to use! Here's how to winterize your garden tools. Shovels, rakes and spades Make sure … [Read more...]

Urban Garden: Winter Garden Wildlife

Recent research indicate that the bird population and varieties are in decline, and in some urban areas some species are in rapid decline and on the verge of becoming extinct. Much of this has to do with the urbanisation of our towns and cities, but also the development of rural areas. There is perhaps a sense of powerlessness to prevent the relentless development and consequential loss of … [Read more...]

Winter Gardening Tips

Just because the garden is asleep doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do for winter gardeners. Winter gardening takes advantage of little or no plant growth at this time of year to force us to concentrate on admittedly less attractive, but equally important tasks. There are many things you can do this time of year to make sure that your winter garden turns into the spring garden of your … [Read more...]