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Are you one of those people who look at other peoples yards and wonder how do they do it? Ever think that there is no way to afford it? It is not as hard or expensive as you may think. Here are 7 easy landscape ideas to consider when you want to make a change in your landscape:

1. Remember, it’s your yard. It’s okay to make your front yard an outside living space. Most people think that grass is the only way to go, but what about colorful bushes, or flowers. It is amazing what color and different sized vegetation will do for the look of your home.

2. Be able to see your landscape beds from your windows. Don’t make the mistake of planting so close to the house when creating your landscape, that when you look outside you don’t see the plants. You have to be careful about roots when you plant next to your house, but also, looking out your front window and seeing blooming flowers and bushes is very uplifting. Can anyone really look at a flower and not smile? I didn’t think so!

3. Using raised beds is a fabulous way to have the best soil possible for your plants, shrubs and seeds to thrive. It means less strenuous digging, no rocks to go around, and it’s an easy way to add texture to the landscape by adding a bit of topography. Another benefit is that it contains your plants in your designated space.

4. Infuse bulbs with your perennials to add color in the early spring. Bulbs can be split every year to be spread around the rest of your landscape, so they are cost effective as well.

5. Plant with a color scheme in mind. Use all shades in one color and then add one contrasting color. It is an amazing look and makes it easier to decide what goes together. When thinking of your landscape ideas, thinking in groups of color can make it easier to find the plants that you want.

6. Make sure you know how big your plantings are going to get. You don’t want to end up with too much in one area or it looks messy and unorganized. To save money, buy young plants, just plan ahead.

7. Pruning is important to promote growth. Prune before the plant is supposed to bud, not after. Pruning inspires growth and encourages your plants to grow how you want them to grow. It also keeps them clean and healthy. When dreaming of your new landscape, don’t forget about the pruning and other upkeep that the new plants and flowers will need.

Article By Melani Petrone

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