With cold weather approaching, it might be tempting to just push all the garden tools to the back of the shed and forget about them until nest season. However,  taking a little time and effort (this is pretty easy guys) now will not only make your tools last longer, it will also make them more enjoyable to use! Here’s how to winterize your garden tools.


Winterizing Garden Tools

Shovels, rakes and spades

Make sure you clean all the dirt off the blade and the handle. Use a small whetstone to sharpen the blade of the shovels, if you desire, or have the hardware store do it for you for a small fee. Trust me, shovels and spades are not meant to be dull… you will thank us when you go to plant your first tree in the spring and you can slice right into that chilly ground!

Garden tools


Run some fine sandpaper over any wooden handles to remove splinters. Rub with a soft rag dipped in a bit of linseed oil.

Rub some oil over the metal parts of the tools, or store in a bucket full of sand and a bit of oil to prevent rust. Store garden tools in a dry shed or garage.

Winterize shovel


Hand Tools

Your hand trowels should be treated the same as your full size tools. Pruners should be cleaned and oiled.

Winterize pruners


Lawn Mowers

You should have your lawn mower serviced before putting it away each fall. If you absolutely know that by the time you get it serviced, the first crocuses will be popping up, then take some DIY action. Drain the gas tank, or run it all the way empty. Clean the blades. Residue will create rust. Rub linseed oil over the blades, then store. Grass catchers can be hung on the wall of a shed or garage. It’s important they are kept away from moisture to prevent rotting.

Winterize lawn mower


Other Power Garden Tools

For your grass trimmers or edgers, make sure you clean them well with a good brush. Drain the gas, and remove the spark plugs.

Easy maintenance for all your tools that will have you right out in the garden with the first Robin of spring, instead of in the shop, or running to the home improvement store to replace broken tools. And wouldn’t you rather be gardening? We think you will also love our posts on our Top Gardening Tool List and Garden Shed Organization Ideas.


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