7 Soothing DIY Garden Fountains


I think sometimes we forget what our garden is supposed so be… A respite from the rest of the world. Some place calm, tranquil and relaxing, even if we play and entertain there as well! Introducing water as an element in our garden is a good way to disguise noise in the neighborhood, add a sense of nature, and soothe ourselves. These 7 soothing DIY garden fountains are meant to inspire you, but I hope you pick one to recreate for your own yard, or let one convince you that you need one of these. And BTW, making your own fountain saves money over buying one as well. More cash for those prize Dahlias!

Our feature project above – Charlotte at ‘Ciburbanity’ made this DIY garden fountain created with concrete and Goodwill! Click on over to her tutorial to find out what I mean. I love spheres in the garden, they remind us about the circle of everything, which is nature’s deepest truth.

From ‘Central Texas Gardener‘, learn how Elayne Lansford made this glass table top into a water wall! This is amazing! I think we need to head out to the thrift store to look for an old patio table! Good instructions and step by step photos.



Want to go a step farther? Marie (well, her hubby!) at ‘The Interior Frugalista’ made this DIY water wall for her garden. Lot’s of photos in her tutorial to take you through it, and I love this project! Can you imagine such an amazing piece in your garden?

Water Wall 15


Ok, time to go smaller scale. Jordan at ‘The Happy Homebodies’ has a tutorial on this DIY flower pot fountain that is perfect for a quiet corner. Lot’s of photo’s here too, and great instructions.



Jen from ‘Tater Tots and Jello’ has a complete tutorial for her DIY recirculating ceramic pot fountain that would be perfect for my backyard! Lot’s of great photos and step by steps as well. BTW, if you haven’t visited her site yet, you have to check out her kitchen… one of my fav’s in the blogosphere!



Ok, now for some inspiration! Teri from ‘Gone Walk About‘ took this photo of a copper tubing fountain at the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show. Check out all her great home and garden posts at her site! Steve and I think this may be added to our project list. If we decide to tackle it, we will update with a tutorial!



This copper water wall is amazing, we found it on Pinterest. Unfortunately, look as we might, we could not find a good source for it. If anyone knows where this fountain comes from, please let us know so we can share it with you all! In the meantime, we’ll just dream about it!


So are you feeling the need for water in the garden yet? These great ideas should get you started!

Image Credits: Ciburbanity, Central Texas Gardener, Interior Frugalista, Happy Homebodies, Tater Tots and Jello, Gone Walk About, Pinterest




  1. Regarding your following post:
    “This copper water wall is amazing, we found it on Pinterest. Unfortunately, look as we might, we could not find a good source for it. If anyone knows where this fountain comes from, please let us know so we can share it with you all! In the meantime, we’ll just dream about it!”…

    I found it on this website for ordering out of the U.K.
    I would love to know if anyone knew how to build this as a D.I.Y. also ;))


  2. Sweet! I just found a way to re-purpose that old round glass tabletop in the garage. Thanks!

  3. I think I found it, or at least one that looks like it, complete with detailed steps at: http://www.instructables.com/id/Rain-shower-contemporary-fountain/?ALLSTEPS

  4. I saw the copper water wall done on the DIY channel “Yard Crashers”!
    It was on the episode called “California Casual”
    It aired here in Texas July 4, 2015.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  5. I love the look of all these fountains! Right now I am trying to improve the look of my garden, and I think that a fountain would make it look fantastic. I especially like the fountain here that is the copper water wall. It is such a creative idea, and although it is very simple, it looks great! I will look around to see if I can get this put in, and then I will be sure to let you know if I find the source for the fountain, since you weren’t able to find it. Thanks for sharing these great pictures!

  6. Truly wonderful soothing fountains. I am glad that all of them can be made with your own hands, making them accessible to the many fans of this country rest!

  7. LOTS, LOTS, LOTS!!! not Lot’s, that is a word that doesn’t even exist!!!!

  8. I absolutely love all the ideas you have shared…I have always been a city girl & have no sence of creativity nor do I have a green thumb (I killed my catus) We moved to the country, bought a 6 acer ranch and tho our horses take up a good deal of it. But..we still have alot of nothing.. trees but empty, I have gotten so many incredible ideas from you. Thank, thank you, thank you!!
    I have 2 questions I’m hoping you can help me with?
    1. Where can I find pallets?
    2. I have been looking for what I’ve always thought was called an “Orange Blossom” bush, this may not be what it’s called! What I remember about it is, that is has white flowers that look like an looks like a blooming apple or orange tree (I’ve never seen a real orange tree, so I’m going by pictures) The smell it puts out is so amazing…(I still remember it after 60+yrs later) its of oranges. Like Honeysuckle it’s something you couldn’t ever forget! I have searched places & nurseries for years and can’t find it anywhere! If you or anyone have the correct name and no where I can find them, I would be enterally greatful!! I no they’re real and do they do exist, my grandmother had one & I have to find at least one!!! Thank you so much for your time! I’ve never gone public before and my husband thinks I’m crazy. But I’m so desperate to find one!! Thanks again!!

    • Kathy Woodard says:

      Hi Pam!
      1.. Pallets can be gotten from a lot of businesses for free (ask first!) or put an ad in Craigslist and you will have tons of people telling you where to find them in your area…

      2. Are you perhaps talking about the Mock Orange Bush? http://www.hortmag.com/plants/mockorange It’s an old fashioned garden plant, so I took a shot it might be the one you’re looking for…

      Hope this helped!

      • Mary ann says:

        Yes, that’s correct! Grew one in my Minnesota garden. Is very easy to prune to a good shape, too. Mock orange.
        Folks would ask for my lavender flower trimmings from my 30 ft. Row of plants to add to their water fountains to prevent scum from growing. I’m in the Deep South now and can’t keep lavender alive here, but scum thrives.
        Does anyone have knowledge of lavender doing this?
        Btw. Lavender in France grows in gravel lined rows. Mine loved cement walkways.

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