Make Your Own Wind Chimes

Spoon chimes

I love wind chimes in the garden, and have longed for a gorgeous set for a couple of years now. Problem is, not only do they cost over $150, I would just be waiting for the first unexpected wind storm to blow that “c” note right out of my yard! Wind chimes are simply any item that is light enough to blow in the wind, can be tied to a hanging implement with twine or fishing line, and makes a pleasant noise (to your ears) when they clink together! Unless you want to create tuned pipe wind chimes, that’s all the basic you need to know.  We searched the web and found a handful of great DIY wind chimes from the re-purposed to the downright creative, and here they are!

If you visit your local antique mall, you will find a lot of vintage odds and ends for relatively cheap prices… skeleton keys and locks are two that would make great wind chimes. Love this re-purposed idea!

Key wind chimes


Along the same lines, Urban Threads has this tutorial on a Steampunk Wind Chime that looks really cool! Step by step instructions here.

Steampunk wind chimes


For all you techno geeks out there, never seen this one before, but it’s cool! This is a wind chime made from old hard drives!

Hard drive wind chimes


From Design Sponge, this pencil wind chime just might replicate a small bamboo chime…what a great gift for a teacher or a college student!

Pencil wind chime


Trina is Artsy has a tutorial on making a bottle cap wind chime. Love the recycles nature of this project…

Bottle cap wind chime


Here we have, from “Hot Glue & Sparkle”, a pretty cool Tool Wind Chime!

diy wind chimes


Lastly, we have these wind chimes made from old bike gears. (LOVE THIS!)

Bike gear wind chimes


Ok … they are all from re-purposed materials, but ALSO downright creative. Make your own wind DIY wind chimes fro your garden! Which one would you like to make?

Image Credits: Urban Threads, Style Me Pretty, Evil Mad Scientist, Design Sponge, Trina is Artsy, hotglueandsparkle, Whimsey Box


  1. We had been collecting caps to make a tabletop or such like everyone else does.
    Cannot wait to make something DIFFERENT that will wow the neighborhood.
    Thanks for such a great idea.

  2. Zach Taylor says:

    Hi my names Zach. Im here to speak my mind of my wind chime problem. See my grandpa Bob Taylor was a copper specialist and had a shop back in the day, unfornetltly he passed but on the side of being a copper specialist he would make wind chimes as a hobby. So after he passed I inherited what was left of his windchime hobby. I have ceramic bowls, copper thread pipes all cut. The problem is I need help making the knots and finding a way to make them work. If anyone is located in orange county california and could assist me that would be great

    • @Zack Taylor, Sorry for your loss. I am not in Orange County…in San Diego County…try Square knots to tie the wind chimes….it is a strong knot and holds very well. If someone else has a better idea for this problem….please help this guy.

    • Zack, just go on you tube and put How to make Wind Chimes.
      You will get hundreds of ways. They are fairly easy to make..but it would be easier for you to have a tutorial in front of you.

      Good luck,

  3. use a dab of a good water resistant glue on all your knots. Don’t worry about weather your doing it right or wrong. Just go for it. Finding out for yourself what will and won’t work is half the fun.

  4. marti smith says:

    You can use just about anything to make chimes……I have had that fever for years……some need string …..some may require chain…..make sure your ringer is in the right place to get the best sound. Your choice for the bottom should not be too heavy… Or too light….but look good and don’t over power it…..I too am sorry for your loss I wish I had him to work with too….all of my chimes are done by me alone . I don’t have any one to help me either…..but I have learned too by tried and flopped…. Mostly FLOPPED…..but you finally hit on a winner……GOOD LUCK on your chimes sounds like you will do well…..

  5. I found a bunch of old silver plate serving spoons and forks in a dumpster once and I saved them to make a wind chime. I just haven’t found the right thing to dangle them from.

    • I found a beautiful enamel strainer yesterday in mint condition with a lot of holes in it. My intention is to take the silverware I inherited and make wind chimes. To me it is a waste to have something stored away in a box for 70 years and not use it for something you would use. Just remember silver tarnishes so I and going to clear coat them first

    • Nicole, I made this windchime with spoons and forks that dangle by a whisker. you know the utensil that you use to whip up eggs, or pancake batter? Cut the rounded end with wire cutter then bend outward. It looks great together. I also used and old tea cup. I hung string to the handle. Looks cute with spoons,

    • robyn windsor says:

      an old lampshade plastic lid small tyre

  6. I used a wisk that was originally used for whipping up pancake batter. just cut the ends with wire cutter and bend out. Or use an old tea cup, embroidery hoop or teapot etc. lotss of ideas….

  7. Jihad Melki says:

    I’m just curious to know how did you get the almaza bottle cap.

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