DIY Garden Trinkets

We all have those little trinkets around our home, to personalize our space, remind us of memories, or simply to showcase our creativity. But did you ever think of having garden trinkets? You know, cute decorative things that just make you smile? After all, the garden is an extension of the home. (At least it always should be!) So we searched the blogosphere and found you some great ideas for DIY … [Read more...]

7 Crafty Outdoor Projects with Ice

During the winter, you may think there is not much to be done outside. But I love the outdoors the whole year, and I think there is always a way to find happiness in the garden! So take advantage of those frigid outdoor temps, don some good gloves and a scarf, and head out to the garden to create these 7 crafty outdoor projects with ice! Our feature project, above, is from Kate at 'Faceless 39'. … [Read more...]

Creative Garden Sign Ideas and Projects

I love a little charm and whimsy in the garden, don't you? And the garden is also the perfect place for a homemade DIY project as well. What better way to accomplish both things than with a garden sign you make yourself? Using one of these ideas, or a cute or inspirational quote of your own, make a garden sign for your special space that matches your personality. And consider using repurposed … [Read more...]

13 Crafty DIY Wind Chimes

I love wind chimes. They are a peaceful way to remind us of all the forces in nature that we can't see. Wind and water are the two most calming elements in the garden. Make your own DIY wind chime crafts, and use them on your porch or patio, in a tree, or from a fence to add that little tinkle of happy sounds all through your garden space! Our feature project, above, is from 'Inner Child … [Read more...]

Got Stones? Creative, Easy and Artsy Ways to Use Rocks in the Garden

Got stones?  Most of our gardens have stones and rocks that we could do without. Our gardens here at TGG are full of them. Hauling them away is backbreaking and expensive! Whether you have just a couple pretty rocks, or are practically living in a stone quarry, here are some great ideas for using rocks in the garden creatively! (Shoot, you may love these ideas enough to actually bring stones into … [Read more...]

9 Creative Project Ideas for Pressed Flowers

Flower Pressing is a wonderful hobby that combines nature, science and art. Popular projects include framing, greeting cards and notecards but the uses are only limited by your imagination. Here, I present 9 creative ideas for using your dried, pressed flowers. 1. Coasters - Start with some plain vinyl coasters and arrange your pressed flowers on them before glueing them down. Laminate with … [Read more...]

Pressed Flower and Foliage Picture Art

The flowers in our garden gives us a short-lived pleasure and delight. When you can capture this delight by pressing and preserving the flowers and foliage you then have the perfect medium art for creating pictures of lasting beauty. Collecting Flowers for Drying Collect flowers and foliage that lend themselves to pressing e.g. Pansies, Buttercups, Cosmos and Queen Anne's Lace or flowers … [Read more...]