During the winter, you may think there is not much to be done outside. But I love the outdoors the whole year, and I think there is always a way to find happiness in the garden! Even if this winter brings feet of snow and below zero temps, that’s ok, because there are crafts with ice! So take advantage of those frigid outdoor temps, don some good gloves and a scarf, and head out to the garden to create these 7 crafty outdoor projects with ice!




7 crafty outdoor projects with Ice


Our first crafts with ice are from Kate at ‘Faceless 39‘. She shows us how to make decorative ice gems for your garden with step by step photos… This is an easy project that’s lots of fun!



Learn how to make ice lanterns, from ‘Willowday‘! I love how the candle glows against the melting ice… these would be amazing along a walkway for a holiday party!



I have never seen an ice craft quite like these winter ice sun catchers from Tracy from ‘Felt Magnet‘. Easy to follow tutorial, these are so cool! What if you just used all blues, to create a look of glowing ice?

Crafty Outdoor Projects with Ice


These DIY ice luminaries from Gabrielle at ‘Design Mom‘ are the perfect way to light up a porch or add splash to a garden to be viewed from indoors, perhaps during a holiday get together? If it’s not quite cold enough to freeze them hard outdoors, and you are just using them for an event, you can freeze them on a cookie sheet in your freezer, then place outside just before use.



From ‘Queen Vanna Creations‘, these ice balloons use food coloring to get that bright color. Fun crafts with ice for kids, too!



Want to make an ice craft that looks like you suddenly have the ability to craft your own giant snowflakes? Make lace and ice, with the help of ‘Resurrection Fern‘. Easy and so pretty!



Lastly, if you want to make those great outdoor ice globes, and  you want to do it the easy way… check out these ice globe luminary kits by ‘Gardeners Supply‘. For the amount of fun you get from them, they aren’t real expensive.


Crafty Outdoor Projects with Ice

We hope you were inspired to make the most of winter in the garden with these Craft with Ice! We think you will also love out posts on How to Make Winter Planters, and DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorating!

Image Credits: Faceless 39, Willowday, Hubpages, Design Mom, Queen Vanna, Resurrection Fern, Gardeners Supply


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  1. gina December 6, 2014 at 8:47 am

    Thank you so much for including our Ice lanterns. These are just magical and created, in our house, by one of my kids! I gasped when I came out to see what our son had created — thank you for spreading the beauty! These are all a lot of fun!

    1. Kathy Woodard December 30, 2014 at 9:37 am

      Hi Gina! AMAZING is the word! Thanks for sharing them with the world!


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