12 Creative DIY Compost Bin Ideas

If you are a gardener, chances are you have thought about starting a compost bin. Not only is it great for the planet, but it can help you create "garden gold" and transform your soil into a healthier home for all your plants! Although there are compost bins you can purchase, they tend to be expensive, hard to transport and sometimes downright inefficient. If you don't know how composting works, … [Read more...]

Top Organic Garden Fertilizers You Can Make

I don't like the idea of adding chemicals to our environment, whenever it can be helped. And let's be honest... If you are growing your own veggies, you are probably after some of the health benefits, right? Ok, and then there is the cost factor as well... why wouldn't you make your own organic fertilizers for your garden, instead of buying expensive specialty products? It is easy, it is healthy … [Read more...]

10 Summer Pests (and How to Squash Them!)

Well mid-summer is upon us, and if you've been out in the garden, you know this is peak time for pests to eat your rose buds, corn, lettuce and... well, and almost anything. Usually your favorites! Half the time we don't even know they are there until they have done some significant damage, so start paying attention now, and squash them in their tracks! Here are the most common garden pests, and … [Read more...]

3 Homemade Garden Sprays You Can’t Do Without

Whether you are committed to organic gardening, just want to bring fewer chemicals into your home, or just want to save some money, homemade garden sprays can take care of all three. Here are TGG's top three homemade garden spray recipes you can start using in your garden today! Weed Killer One gallon white vinegar One cup salt One tablespoon dish washing liquid I combine all these … [Read more...]

Organic Gardening Advantages

The definition of organic gardening is a garden that does not use pesticides to kill pests. This method can be used in either vegetable or flower gardens. In vegetable gardens organic is the safest for you since you will be consuming what you have grown. But, if you utilize it in flower gardening also, it is safest for the environment. Raising an organic garden has many sound reasons to … [Read more...]

Lawn and Garden Care From Your Kitchen

Winter rains bring lots of beautiful wild flowers, but also the wicked weeds. While some people may be tempted by the seemingly simple solution, herbicides, their environmental effects outweigh any benefit. Herbicides are chemicals used to kill weeds in agriculture as well as household gardens. Herbicides are toxic to most mammals (that means you, me, your dog, and your kids) as well as to the … [Read more...]

Fighting Plant Fungus Organically

Of all the plant pathogens, the ones you will deal with mostly are fungi. All plants are susceptible to attack from fungus. Most fungi love wet conditions, and overwatering can produce such conditions. If the soil your plant is rooted in does not drain well, and water stands too long at the base and around the roots, then your plant is at risk of developing water mold root rot, a condition that … [Read more...]

Organic Composting

Making compost will help you reduce pollution and cut down that landfill! Your plants will grow healthier and look happier for it and it will save you money on fertilizers too. Our local council in Manchester has now given us brown bins for us to add leaves, grass and other compost matter into, which is then emptied every two weeks once it has reduced to less than half its size. What is … [Read more...]