10 Summer Pests (and How to Squash Them!)

Well mid-summer is upon us, and if you've been out in the garden, you know this is peak time for pests to eat your rose buds, corn, lettuce and... well, and almost anything. Usually your favorites! Half the time we don't even know they are there until they have done some significant damage, so start paying attention now, and squash them in their tracks! Here are the most common garden pests, and … [Read more...]

DIY Backyard Wasp Solutions

Summer is here in the garden, and with it a lot of great things, and a few that really can ruin a summer day. Among them, wasps. Nothing will haul the best backyard bbq to a halt faster than a football hitting a wasp nest, sending every human on the block running for the indoors. The best way to prevent wasp stings and the nuisance that they cause is to take preventative action in controlling … [Read more...]

3 Homemade Garden Sprays You Can’t Do Without

Whether you are committed to organic gardening, just want to bring fewer chemicals into your home, or just want to save some money, homemade garden sprays can take care of all three. Here are TGG's top three homemade garden spray recipes you can start using in your garden today! Weed Killer One gallon white vinegar One cup salt One tablespoon dish washing liquid I combine all these … [Read more...]

Using Herbs For Pest Prevention

Herbs are for more than just making your food extra wonderful or supporting your health and vitality through tea blend infusions. Planted in strategic places in your vegetable garden, herbs repel certain kinds of insects without the use of harmful chemicals. Try planting these herbs and flowers in your garden as preventative measures. If you get a really bad infestation, go to chemicals, but … [Read more...]

Fighting Plant Fungus Organically

Of all the plant pathogens, the ones you will deal with mostly are fungi. All plants are susceptible to attack from fungus. Most fungi love wet conditions, and overwatering can produce such conditions. If the soil your plant is rooted in does not drain well, and water stands too long at the base and around the roots, then your plant is at risk of developing water mold root rot, a condition that … [Read more...]

Keeping Deer Out Of Your Garden

Oh, those darling little "Bambi's". I quickly get over the "Bambi Syndrome" when I see the deer eating the flowers and shrubs I have nurtured, and spent so much money to buy. How to keep deer out of your garden is a question that does not have one answer that will work forever. Because we have moved into the deer's space, and they have adapted, we can expect for them to adapt to almost every … [Read more...]