In the late summer and fall, as the sun sets earlier but the gorgeous weather still keeps us outdoors, the need for cool garden lighting arises. No one wants to run out and install a lighting system just because sunset comes a little sooner! We have five great DIY garden lighting ideas that create mood, are easy enough for any beginner, and can be done in time for your weekend BBQ! Check out these lighting projects anyone can do!


diy outdoor mood lighing


Paint Cans Outdoor Mood Lighting Idea

Luminaries are an easy DIY project, and can create some great outdoor mood lighting. This garden lighting idea can be done with everything from recycled kitchen aluminum cans, to empty paint cans you can pick up at the home improvement store. There are two methods…

  • Trace a design on the outside of the can with pencil, or a use a stencil. You can use a drill to drill holes into the can following the pattern. This is best for larger cans.
  • For smaller cans, fill with water and freeze. Now while still frozen, use a hammer and nail to punch the pattern into the can. Allow cans to melt, (in a sink or outdoors!) empty and dry.
  • Paint with spray paint of your choice, pop in a candle, and there you go!

diy outdoor mood lighting


Pot Rack Chandelier

This project is a pretty easy one if you have an overhead structure or tree. Simply hang an old pot rack (Or an old iron grate, sled, or even a small pallet) from chains and sturdy hooks. Place a variety of potted plants and candles onto the rack. Light the candles. This garden lighting idea creates a wonderful, or even romantic atmosphere!

diy outdoor mood lighting


Recycled Torches

Love these garden torches by ‘In My Own Style’! They have a great tutorial but short version is that this is a budget friendly garden lighting idea that is way cool, and recycles too! Think about painting them in brights or metallics…

diy outdoor mood lighting


outdoor lights


Raffia Globe Garden Lighting Idea

Have you noticed those fancy string lights in the stores (even Target) can run $25 for one string? Pick up raffia balls at the dollar store, then string through white holiday lights. Done, for less than a couple bucks! Viola… outdoor mood lighting!

diy outdoor mood lighting

outdoor lighing


 Glowing Orbs Outdoor Mood Lighting Idea

Finally, from The Art of Doing Stuff is this tutorial on glowing orbs, made for less than $3! Simply find old glass globes from the thrift store (We have a project coming up at TGG that utilizes these, so stock up!) and holiday lights! Love this!

diy outdoor mood lighing

outdoor lights

Summer isn’t over ’til it’s over folks! Create a space for your family to spill over into the outdoors well into fall with these easy DIY garden lighting ideas. You might also be interested in our post 12 Inspiring backyard Lighting Ideas!


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  1. Dave June 30, 2015 at 11:15 am

    Great Tips Kathy, I love the photos, really brings the ideas to life.

  2. Evie tracy August 14, 2013 at 2:31 am

    I am truly fascinated with the Great candle lights and other diy light projects for outside garden.This is truly an amazing idea to enjoy the wonderful evening…. Thanks Kathy for sharing this inspiring post!


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