We all would love to have a magazine worthy beautiful backyard! It is possible for a DIY’er, if you tackle it one project at a time. Use these photos of beautiful yards to inspire you to find the garden style and projects that are right for you and your family. Take just one idea, or copy an entire look.



How to Use These Backyard Inspirational Photos

  • Look for ways to use your yard that you hadn’t thought of before.
  • Look for style elements that you love.
  • Make a list!
  • For the fastest impact, start with hard-scaping projects, then move to plants, then décor.
  • Make a plan! Plan out the major projects according to your time and budget.


Beautiful Backyard Garden Ideas

Just look through these gorgeous yards and dream away!


What a charming and pretty backyard. Lots of ideas here.


This photo from Houzz, was taken in Seattle, WA. Good backyard inspiration for that Northwest contemporary feel.


Another photo from Houzz. This one pretty much the total opposite on the spectrum. A beautiful yard and pool area in Phoenix, Arizona for you desert garden lovers.


I mean come on now! This yard is just crazy beautiful! Talk about color!

beautiful backyard gardens


Nature lovers feast your eyes on this.

beautiful backyard gardens


I know, some of these backyard inspirational photos seem a bit out of reach, but the idea is to pick out small things that you can incorporate into your own backyard to make it beautiful! The bamboo roof, the way it creates that wonderful dappled lighting or the open shutters creating the european charm!

beautiful backyard gardens


One word – Relaxation!

beautiful backyard gardens


Ok, another over the top photo. Yes, probably France. Love the alternating boxwood hedge and lavender. Gorgeous contrasting look!

beautiful backyard gardens


Thanks for spending a little time on our post on beautiful backyard gardens. We hope you got some good ideas! Be sure and check out our post 15 DIY Backyard Ideas to Help Us All Relax! And you might be interested in Stunning Planter Box Ideas & Projects For Your Patio on our sister site OhMeOhMy.


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  1. Jess April 29, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    We have a terrible back yard. It’s about 1/2 Acre. We have a new in ground pool with a brown 4ft fence around it The earth around it is all dug up and there is no grass at all. The yard near our house has recently been dug up to lay all new plumbing lines. Needles to say, there is much landscaping to be done.
    We have spent so much money on the pool and plumbing that there isn’t much left for landscaping. What can we do?

    1. Kathy Woodard June 9, 2015 at 10:51 am

      Plant a naturalized garden with grasses that reseed, lavender (also makes baby plants) and annuals that drop seed that will fill in the places quickly! Dry creek beds are pretty easy if you have dug up a lot of rocks in your plumbing project, and can add instant structure…Example of natural front yard


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