If you are like most of us, a good number of your indoor plants need the ability to grow in low light. Why? Because most of us have standard homes with standard windows… trust us, those were not designed with house plants in mind.  If you weren’t blessed with huge windows on every wall of every room (who is? :)) then you will want to learn about the best low light indoor plants. Now remember, no plant can grow without any light, despite what some well meaning “experts” would like you to believe. If something is alive, it needs light. Also many low light plants can grow without much light, but will not look their best. The best low light plants not only survive in less than ideal lighting, they thrive in it. So pick one of these gorgeous indoor plants to tuck into that dark corner, or to brighten up that dim hallway!



10 Best Low Light Indoor Plants to Grow


Best Low Light Plants


True Low Light Houseplants

When we say “true low light houseplants” we mean those that thrive in dim light. Here are our picks!

     ZZ Plant

If you are looking for a very low light houseplant, the kind that survives in the darkest corner, then this is it. Our ZZ plant lives in a corner of a dark kitchen, about 30 feet from any window, in the Pacific Northwest. (Which already right there says something about the lack of light it gets!) And it not only looks amazing, it continues to grow so much we have to divide it after only 6 months in its new pot! ZZ plants are tolerant of everything. Low light, under watering, overwatering… pests avoid it and it never even has a leaf that looks brown! This may indeed be the best low light indoor plant!

Get your ZZ Plant delivered, in a gorgeous pot ready to go from ‘The Sill’.


    Snake Plant

Snake plant is another one of those chameleon houseplants… It can thrive in a variety of lighting conditions. It will do just fine in low to moderate light, despite the fact that it looks like it should be living next to your cacti and succulents. Allow this one to dry out between waterings. We love the varieties Moonshine and Laurentii. This one comes with your choice of three different types of pots and 5 different colors, delivered for less than $35! Find it at ‘The Sill’.


     Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm is a slow growing, striking low light indoor plant that practically thrives on neglect. The one trick? Don’t overwater them. They have a thick trunk that stores water, so they can go long periods without watering. However, to keep them looking their best, water when they dry out.

Get  your ponytail palm in a Scheurich planter (we have bunch, they are great quality!) from Costa Farms via ‘Amazon’. You can also get one without the planter pot.


     Nerve Plant

Nerve plant has striking variegated or colored foliage, and is the perfect small plant to place on a low light tabletop or tucked in a bookshelf. They prefer higher humidity, and to stay moist but not wet. Etsy is actually an amazing source to buy houseplants online, and at least half our indoor plants have originated there. You can get a gorgeous nerve plant on ‘Etsy’ too!


   Ferns – Maidenhair, Birds Nest and Button

Many ferns do awesomely well as low light plants. They are a little pickier that some other plants, (maidenhair, we’re lookin’ at you!) but as long as you know two little tricks, then they will reward you with gorgeous fronds and texture. First, humidity. They need it. Spritz daily with a mister, or use a diffuser/humidifier in the room daily. (We use this one from Amazon. Bonus… you can use fragrant oils in them for an awesome smelling room!) Second, do not let them dry out, but don’t let them sit in water either. A well draining pot with drainage holes is a must. And of course, no direct sun, but that’s what we’re looking for here, right? We have found the most forgiving and easiest to grow is the Birds Nest Fern. Find it as ‘The Sill’ in a ceramic pot in several color and style choices.


     Spider Plant

The versatile spider plant will do just fine in a low light situation. Allow to dry out between waterings, but if you go too far and see them wilting, no worries. They are very resilient and will bounce right back with a good soaking. ‘Etsy’ is a great place to search for spider plants.  We like this pre potted one from ‘Thorsens Greenhouse’. Or, try the new curly variety!


Large Low Light Indoor Plants

      Chinese Evergeeen

A low light plant with stunning silvery, white or pink splashed leaves, the Chinese evergreen comes in several varieties, from table top to a large floor plant. Tolerant and easy to grow, this one simply needs average watering and fertilizer once or twice a year. Find the variety right for you on ‘Etsy’. This variety, Silver Bay, is from ‘Belle Decor’.


     Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant is named as such because it is nearly indestructible. It prefers well drained soil, and to be watered when the soil is dry an inch below the soil line. Keep the leaves clean of dust with a soft, wet cloth. Fertilize monthly in spring and summer. Available from Etsy seller ‘American Plants’.



Dieffenbachia, or Dumb Cane, is a variegated large low light indoor plant. We have several that Steve’s mother had propagated years ago, and they have made many babies that continue to brighten each dark corner of our home. They like to stay moist, but not soggy. One thing to keep in mind, when you are cutting off old leaves or propagating this plant, do not get the sap on your skin. It not only irritates, if your skin is sensitive, it can actually burn. But this is a lovely choice if you need a larger plant in a spot that doesn’t have enough light to grow a fiddle leaf fig or a monstera. This variety is called Tropic Snow and can be found at ‘Carribean Farms’… if that one is sold out, you can search for others on ‘Etsy’.


     Rubber Tree

Rubber tree plant is a slow growing, elegant tree with dark glossy leaves. It can be grown as a plant or small tree over time. Easy to grow, this plant only requires a well draining soil to be at its best. We recommend using a soil made for cacti or succulents, and to fertilize twice a year. Get yours already potted and delivered at ‘The Sill’.

So if you are looking for the best low light indoor plants, don’t just settle for anything that will survive. Make sure you choose true low light houseplants, and watch them thrive! We think you will also want to check out How to Grow Fiddle Leaf Fig, and the Best Easy Houseplants to Grow. Then jump on over to our post on DIY Plant Shelf Ideas over at OhMeOhMy and Macrame Plant Hanger DIYs  at TBD… and make spaces to show off all your beauties!


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