If you want to add a wonderful country touch to your garden, building a small garden fence is not as difficult, or as expensive as it might seem. Here at The Garden Glove, we wanted to add a gothic picket style to the front garden. However, purchasing and installing 150 feet of picket fencing was NOT in the budget. So we chose to add just two sections of fencing to the corners of the front drive as accents. We also used inexpensive materials to create the fence. Using the low cost materials and keeping the amount of fencing small but in a focal point area kept costs way down. Here’s how we did it.



Materials Needed

  • Pressure treated or cedar 2×4 lumber for posts and cross pieces
  • 2 ½ inch screws
  • Quick Setting Concrete (I used 1 60 pound bag for every two posts)
  • Pickets
  • Saw
  • Drill

Using 2×4’s instead of heavier posts saved me 50% of the cost. Pressure treated 2×4’s won’t rot quickly, and will give you the most bang for your buck. Do not use pressure treated lumber near edible plants.


Building Your Inexpensive Small Garden Fence

Step 1:

Measure the height you want the posts, and then add 18 inches to 2 feet, depending on how heavy your freeze is in the winter. The harsher your winters, the deeper you should set the posts. Mark where you would like the post holes with flour. Post hole should be as far apart as you decide to cut your cross pieces. We used 8 foot 2×4’s that we cut in half, so each post hole was 4 feet apart, on the outside. (On the outside refers to the outside edges of the posts being 4 feet apart.) Dig post holes 2 feet deep.


Step 2:

Place posts into holes and check to make sure all posts are at the same depth. You can check this with a level along the tops of all the posts. Using the same level and another person to help, pour the quick setting cement into each post hole. Have your helper hold the post straight (check with a level) and slowly add water as directed on the package. Have your helper continue to hold the posts until the cement starts to set, should take only a few minutes. Allow the posts to set overnight.


Step 3:

Using a drill and screws, attach the cross pieces to the posts at the inside of the fence.


Step 4:

Attach with nails or screws whatever material you chose to use as pickets to the cross piece. Use scrape pieces of wood cut to your preferred space between pickets to keep your fence pickets consistently spaced. Remember, this is a country garden fence. You can use traditional pickets, branches or even scrap wood all cut to the same size as the “pickets” which also keeps your small garden fence inexpensive.

Done! Plant a climbing plant at the base to add old fashioned country charm such as morning glories or a climbing rose. With just a couple of sections of fence instead of a whole row of expensive fencing, you’ve added a wonderful architectural element to you garden! And a small garden fence adds so much to the curb appeal of your home!

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