A backyard fire pit is one of the best ways to turn your ho hum outdoor space into something really special. Without spending tons of money, or needing a contractor. All these fire pit ideas have complete tutorials so that you can add magic to the everyday, right in your own backyard! A fire pit gives you a warm and welcoming gathering place, and let’s you extend your outdoor play to long after those final rays of sunshine fade away. You can learn how to build one out of stone, brick, blocks or concrete. Build one that’s modern or rustic, a fire pit with seating, in ground fire pits, or even a DIY smokeless fire pit! We found over a dozen different projects with one sure to fit exactly what your family needs. Propane or wood, on the patio or out in the yard. So check out these fire pit ideas and find one that can make your backyard a true retreat, each and every night of the year!

Easy Fire Pit Idea

For a gorgeous basic block style fire pit idea, jump on over to ‘Blesser’ House‘. They made this one in a weekend with special fire safe blocks, some landscape fabric and some pea gravel. They walk you through every step, and tell you where to find the special block kit that they used. You do need to be careful what you make your fire pit from. Some types of block and stone can explode in high temperatures. Regular bricks and cheap cinder block are not recommended unless they are fire rated, or you use a steel fire ring. How pretty is the gravel patio space they made surrounding their brand new backyard fire pit? Note how careful they were to site the new pit away from any shrubs or trees nearby, so that nothing could be accidentally ignited in the wind. Bring out the marshmallows!

All Brick DIY Fire Pit

If you love the traditional look of all brick, then this fire pit idea from ‘Family Handyman‘ is for you. This one is a full weekend project, but it is a permanent and valuable addition to your backyard that will stand the test of time. Because brick can crack at high temperatures, they used fire brick and special mortar to line the inside of the fire pit. It’s a solid build that isn’t complicated and will last. Lots of step by step photos and directions.

Use a Metal Ring

If you want to use regular landscape blocks to make your DIY fire pit, then try using a metal fire ring to line it. This will help protect the blocks, and also give you a cleaner, more professional look to your job. Check out ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ who made their simple fire pit using just this technique!

Backyard Fire Pit for Cooking

You don’t have to spend a lot, or build a fire pit big enough for the high school football team to gather ’round. You can just create a cozy space by learning how to build a fire pit exactly the right size for you, and for your space. ‘Garden Gate Magazine‘ made this smaller, inexpensive DIY fire pit from retaining wall block and gravel. Plus, it has raised blocks that you can set a cooking grate on as well. Easy, fast, and cheap.

Patio Fire Pit Ideas

If you want to make a DIY fire pit that you can place right onto your existing patio, we got ya’. ‘How to Nest for Less‘ made this patio fire pit using a metal fire bowl and grate. Then they build the pit directly onto their stone patio. If you decide to build right on your patio, chances are that means you will be building closer to your house as well. Don’t forget the rules about not placing your fire pit too close to anything flammable.

In Ground Fire Pit DIY

You can choose to build your backyard fire pit in ground, instead of above ground. It takes a little more planning, but with this step by step video tutorial from ‘Lowes‘ you will have a built in fire pit in a weekend!

DIY Fire Pit Table Ideas

If you like a look less like your fav camp site and more like a high end resort, think fire pit table ideas! You can actually make one of these yourselves. From ‘DIY Huntress‘, this DIY fire pit table is made from concrete and cedar. It can even be used as a daytime cooler. Fill it with ice during the heat of the day, then light it on fire as night falls! She has a full video tutorial for you as well. This would sell for many hundreds of dollars in a store. From ‘Crafted by the Hunts‘, build a bio ethanol DIY fire pit table for less than $120. They tell you exactly where to find the fire insert, and have step by step directions on how to build this rustic fire pit idea! The table area still leaves lots of room for food and drinks, too.

DIY Propane Fire Pit

If you don’t want to burn wood in your fire pit, no worries, you can build a DIY propane fire pit with these easy to follow tutorials. This fire pit table by ‘Family Handyman‘ is built from wood, concrete, and a propane burner kit. It is fueled with a standard propane tank hidden inside the cedar table. Lots of step by step directions, photos and a complete supply and tool list. The photos make it possible for even a beginner to make this project, just follow along with the directions. This is a stunning fire pit that would cost you over $1000 to buy in a store. If you have natural gas available on your patio, you can also hook it up straight to your gas source and bury the line as well.

Gas Fire Pit Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have access to a natural gas connection in your backyard, you can make a DIY Fire Pit that attaches directly to it. No propane tank to refill, no wood to buy and start… Make one with retaining wall block with these instructions from ‘Outdoor Rooms‘. They have a link for where to find the burner kit, and teach you how to build your fire pit in 10 easy steps!

DIY Smokeless Fire Pit Projects

If you have heard of the Breeo fire pits that claim to be smokeless, you might be surprised to know that there are DIY hacks to create your own! ‘House Mix‘ made this stunning forested retreat in their own backyard and built a DIY smokeless fire pit as the focal point. There is real science behind this, so be sure to read their blog post explaining why this works. Keep in mind, as they point out, no fire pit is truly 100% smokeless… Not even the fancy store bought ones. But using their venting method can drastically reduce the smoke that can be as annoying as mosquitoes at a pool party. Haxman on YouTube‘ has a great video on how to make a smokeless fire pit that really works. The video even shows his in action! He creates his own concrete molds (and shows you how!) to make the super awesome top to his pit. He literally walks you through the entire build. Hopefully you found one of these DIY Fire Pit ideas that you can use to make your backyard just a little more magical! We think you will also love our post on DIY tabletop fire pits!
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