We here at TGG have been doing a lot with antique glass insulators lately… we have a tutorial on making a garden lantern from insulators that has been pretty popular on Pinterest… I think we’re drawn to the insulators because we love colored glass, we LOVE the history behind these up-cycled pieces, and also because they seem to fit well into every style, from rustic to modern.





We recently came across yet another insulator garden project we just had to share! Dan 330 used a box of unused antique insulators (a little jealous there!) to create these really neat mini planters.


He used trendy succulents to really modern them up, which we LOVE! His entire tutorial is here. Needless to say, this is an easy project as well. BTW… we found insulators at our local antique shop for $5… be careful though, there are collectors ones that go for over $100! We want to make a couple of suggestions… if you are interested in using succulents for this project, it looks great. Problem is that these planters won’t have any natural drainage, and succulents hate to sit in water. We suggest using just a touch of gravel and activated charcoal (indoor planting supplies) at the bottom of the insulator before planting.

Insulator planter

Insulator planter


We think this could be equally amazing planted with mosses… Right now we are having a love affair with something called Spike Moss, which can be grown outdoors in the shade, or as a houseplant. Love the texture… we definitely prefer the golden variety, although it is less hardy and best used as a houseplant or annual.  Here is info on Spike Moss here. Irish and Scotch moss are good choices as well!

So give this project a try…these would look great lined up on a bright kitchen window as well! We think you will also love our post on Sedum Projects and Succulent Planters.



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