If you’re going to enjoy your wood-burning fireplace or fire pit, it’s easiest with plenty of firewood on hand, right? Unfortunately, that also means you need place to store it. There are lots of DIY firewood rack ideas out there, so don’t feel like you need to spend tons of money on firewood storage. We’ve collected our favorite ideas for you to consider before deciding how to DIY the perfect firewood rack for your home.

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Design considerations

Creating a firewood rack is not all about looks. If you store it stacked outside, you need to make sure it doesn’t trap moisture between it and the side of the house or become a perfect home for vermin in the garage. Oh, yes, on top of all that, you want it to stay off the ground so it doesn’t get waterlogged! Logs stored on the ground will end up rotting, and won’t be very useful for fire building.

Firewood Racks You Can Build

The perfect solution with are these super easy DIY outdoor firewood racks. You can store your wood close, clean, and dry and it allows you to buy wood in bulk, saving you money. Time to “fire” up the DIY!

Rolling firewood cart

From Shayna (and Anthony!) at ‘The Wood Grain Cottage‘, this DIY rolling firewood rack is perfect for storing your wood where you can easily get to it, but can be rolled out of the way as well. (BTW this also makes it easy to clean around and behind your wood pile, which helps prevent little furry creatures from settling in!)

Super easy DIY firewood racks-4

Small, simple firewood rack

Our next project is from our favorite woodworking girl, ‘Ana White‘. Build a firewood rack with some simple connectors, and get free plans for this project from ‘DIY Done Right‘!

9 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

DIY firewood rack with section for small wood pieces

From the forum ‘BBQ Brethren‘, this DIY outdoor firewood rack was submitted by one of their readers, complete with plans! We love this because you can probably make it with things laying around your garage…and it does a great job of keeping the wood off the ground, which is great for areas with lots of snow.

Super easy DIY firewood racks -5

DIY firewood rack with no tools required!

Want to know how to build a firewood rack the easy way? Check out these next two creative ideas. This one from ‘Instructables‘ uses no tools to construct. Pretty clever design!

Super easy DIY firewood racks -6

And this one is one of our favorite DIY outdoor firewood racks, and a smaller version of the above project. Found on ‘Homedit‘. This is simply cinder blocks and scrap 2×4’s!

Super easy DIY firewood racks- 7

Metal garden bed firewood rack

This idea from ‘Metal Garden Beds‘ is smart and simple. They simply took a corrugated metal raised bed frame and turned it on its side… Instant outdoor firewood rack!

Super easy DIY firewood racks -3

Pipe and concrete footings DIY firewood rack

This is a simple DIY firewood rack we found on ‘Indulgy‘… Just lay pipe on top of concrete footings from the home improvement store, then stack your wood! Great economical way to keep your wood off the ground and draining properly from the weather.

Super easy DIY firewood racks- 9

DIY bench with firewood storage

This idea from Lowes is a multitasking diy project perfect for small backyards. This design for an outdoor bench provides extra outdoor seating along with firewood storage underneath. 

diy firewood rack storage bench

Diy firewood rack using pipes

Not into woodworking? This idea from Grit is for you! All you need is some galvanized pipes and the know-how to put it all together.

galvanized pipe firewood rack

Diy pipe firewood rack with wheels

This one by The Cavender Diaries is very similar to the previous idea using pipes, but with wheels! So you can move your firewood wherever you need it- closer to the door, farther away, or just bit to the side so you can clean underneath!

plumbing pipe firewood storage

Work station with firewood storage

The most convenient place for your firewood storage may intersect with an outdoor space that’s already dedicated to something else, like a grilling station or outdoor kitchen. If that’s the case, consider a diy firewood rack like this one that doubles as a kitchen island or extra work station.

diy firewood rack kitchen island table

$18 diy firewood rack

You can totally stay within a tight budget and still create a beautiful, practical firewood rack. This one shared by Bower Power cost only $18 to make. All it takes is a little resourcefulness- they used some materials already on hand, and there’s a good chance you have some useful stuff laying around too!

cheap diy firewood rack


For the overachiever

This one is not for those who want the simplest, most basic diy solution. This idea is for those of you who are looking to take your firewood rack to the next level. Build a smokehouse and firewood storage all in one with plans from the owner builder network.

diy cedar smokehouse with firewood storage

Mini diy firewood rack for indoors

This cutie of a firewood rack plan by Kreg tool is perfect to keep your firewood organized and visually appealing once it’s inside. Having a cozy fire going does not mean your living room has to get cluttered and dirty from firewood.

mini diy firewood rack for indoors

DIY Firewood storage shed to match your house

Take a page out of A Concord Carpenter’s book and make your firewood storage a seamless part of your house. This firewood shed blends in beautifully.

diy firewood shed to match house

DIY Covered wood storage with extra shelf

Pretty Handy Girl created a beautiful firewood storage solution for her yard with salvaged wood from her neighbor’s fence. And she’s created super easy plans for you to follow, too!

firewood shed

Upcycled pallet wood firewood rack

Need one more idea on how to build a firewood rack? Ok we gotcha. Uploaded by a user on Pinterest, this firewood rack diy is simply three empty wood pallets, joined by wood braces. We suggest using screws, not nails, but even scrap wood will work! Brace both sides of the rack. Great upcycling!


Firewood rack bracket kit

This next outdoor firewood holder is kind of a semi-DIY project. You can get this DIY firewood rack bracket kit from ‘Wayfair’ and then add six 2×4’s to make your own firewood rack in just a few minutes. So simple!
If sold out, here is another nice bracket kit.

9 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

Bonus- indoor firewood storage

Ok, I know this is not quite in line with the other ideas, but if you have a bunch of firewood stored outside, it’s kind of nice to have spare logs ready to go next to your fireplace, right? This one from “house love” on home talk is so stylish, it’s hard to believe you can diy it.

diy firewood holder

Firewood Racks You Can Buy

If you are looking to buy an outdoor firewood holder or rack, then you can browse some great selections at ‘Wayfair’. Or, you can check out these great firewood rack ideas we found for you in a few different price points.

If you want a small and attractive firewood holder for your patio, ‘this “Steel Firewood Rack” might be what you are looking for. This not only looks cool, it is made of sturdy powder coated steel as well. If out of stock, try this similar style stainless steel firewood rack from Amazon. And because these seem to sell out so much, here are a couple more options for you. The Nichole Firewood Wrought Iron Log Rack and the Herrada Log rack.

A mid priced firewood rack that looks good and has a cover to keep that firewood dry is the “Beid Firewood Rack“. Loving how you can stack kindling in it’s own space under the rack for easy access. Less than $100!
If sold out, here’s another alternative.

If you want a log rack that is attractive and practical, then you might want to check out the “Crescent Log Rack“. Powder coated steel with tons of 5 star reviews.
If that one is sold out, try this similar metal log rack or another option is the Bicester Firewood Log Rack.

9 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

We hoped you enjoyed our post on firewood racks! If you enjoyed this post, you might be interested in our post on DIY Greenhouse Projects, DIY Tabletop Fire Bowls or How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit!  And if you are looking for ways to make your fireplace stand out during the holidays, check out our post on DIY Christmas Mantel Decorating and DIY Garage Storage over at TBD!

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  1. sound-of-text November 8, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    Great ideas for building your own firewood rack! These projects are both functional and visually appealing, making them perfect for any outdoor space.

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  3. Jussi Leimio March 23, 2018 at 10:51 pm

    Good to see this helpful post here, Thanks for sharing…

  4. d.Smiles September 4, 2017 at 6:56 am

    The rack ideas that use cinder blocks to hold up the vertical supports on an angle, please be aware that cinder blocks can’t handle much pressure and they will break under the load of being pried apart. Note one picture shows kindling which can work but the picture with a large load of wood will probably break the cinder blocks. Also DON’T stack wood near your house

    1. me April 2, 2018 at 11:45 am

      They aren’t “cinder blocks”. They’re concrete blocks or concrete masonry (not “masonary”) units. Cinder blocks contain fly ash or bottom ash and were historically used as light weight, light duty structural units and as flue liners. They are not in common use today.

  5. Carson January 5, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Great article! I love this topic and found a few new ways to store wood. Thanks, and have a great 2017!

  6. bob November 19, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    this are smartnand work htate especialy when snow gets deep and it is quick easy and affordable

  7. David Bailey May 18, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    I really enjoy these pins. I plan to use several of them myself for keeping my wood up off the ground and keeping it looking good at the same time!!


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