Sometimes when decking out the halls, we forget that the garden needs some Christmas love too! After all, he was born in a manger, with the animals and the cold… not in a warm cozy inn! So isn’t it fitting we treat our front yard with some Christmas decorations? These DIY outdoor Christmas yard decorations will make the season special in your garden, and for all those who pass by it!



DIY Front Yard Christmas Decorating


Outdoor Christmas Yard Decorations

Our first DIY outdoor Christmas decorations project comes from ‘HGTV‘. They show you how to dress up trees with moravian stars.



Also from ‘HGTV‘, make a simple wooden Christmas tree with reclaimed wood! Easy tutorial for this front yard Christmas decorating idea…



Here is a creative Christmas decorating idea. Make these glowing gift boxes by ‘Martha‘, and give the gift that keeps on giving! Holiday spirit!

DIY Front Yard Christmas Decorating Projects


If you live in an area that freezes hard at Christmas, these frozen ice luminaries are an amazing way to light the garden path. Do it for a party, or just for your family! SOOOOO pretty! These first ones are from ‘Henhurst Interiors‘, and here’s what they said on making them… “Beautiful way to welcome guests to your party–illuminate your entry with luminaries made from frozen ice. Use half gallon milk cartons and empty wine bottles. After initial freeze, remove wine bottle and add more water to raise bottom level to accommodate a votive candle.”…



If that isn’t clear enough, ‘BHG‘ offers you a full video on how to make ice luminarias. This is one of the best outdoor Christmas yard decorations we’ve seen!



This outside Christmas decoration idea I’ve never seen, but I love it! Make these snow lanterns with the help of ‘Little Green Fingers‘… Easy, just requires lot’s of snowballs! Great way to burn off some energy with the whole family, making a snowball pile for your creations.



Make rustic nail head Christmas trees with this tutorial from ‘HGTV‘… I’d love a forest of these!



This one is one of our favorite diy front yard Christmas decorating projects. Last year we tried to create a magical forest scene with lights in our front yard… These DIY tomato cage Christmas trees would have been the thing to make it perfect! From ‘17 Apart‘.



Want a simple look? Make these scrap wood Christmas trees by ‘Restyled Junk‘. Quick tutorial on how to make these DIY outdoor Christmas decorations happen.



Finding Home‘ “found” the perfect Christmas decorating project… a reindeer! I love that this reclaimed wood reindeer isn’t too cutesy, but they don’t leave out the red nose. Gotta have some magic, people!



Last, we have this rustic log slice snowman by ‘Grandparents Plus‘. I couldn’t find a tutorial for it, but it looks pretty simple in design. Flatten the log slice edges where you attach for a tight fit,( and so they won’t tip over!)  then screw from the back or use wood glue and clamps.


That’s it! Do you have any DIY outdoor Christmas yard decorations that you use or make every year? Share in comments! Want more Christmas decorating ideas? Check out our post on Creative Outdoor Christmas Lights! 

Image Credits: HGTV, HGTV, Martha, Henhurst Interiors, BHG, Little Green Fingers, HGTV, 17 Apart, Restyled Junk, Finding Home, Grandparents Plus


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  1. Dela Ampofo November 27, 2017 at 6:34 am

    Another excellent post Kathy. You really are a creative one.

  2. Karen Marie Kedzuch December 31, 2014 at 8:44 am

    I love all the projects in your round up. You are a very creative lady. Thanks for curating a beautiful post and sharing it. I found this post on Pinterest.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie
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