Who doesn’t love something made from nothing? Gardens seem to be a natural home for all things re-used and up-cycled… it just seems to make nature happy, doesn’t it? And it lets us be uber-creative as well… So time to visit the local junk shop, ’cause here are some crazy and cool garden art ideas from junk that will give personality to any yard, porch or garden!


Metal Art Ideas for the Garden


What a super creative idea. These old junky metal saws from ‘Flea Market Gardening‘, make the perfect starburst art design!


We love all this wonderful metal garden art from ‘Next Door Laura‘. These incredible artistic pieces created from farm junk, fit in so nicely to this meandering garden walkway setting.


Art in Red Wagons‘ has this great tutorial using junk can lids to create artistic garden markers… I love the way they look after a little rust! Check out some of their other projects as well!


This dragonfly made from old junk knives is a beautiful piece of metal garden art! Looks gorgeous amongst the purple cone flowers.



Talk about crazy garden art! This ‘steam punk’ junk art piece is totally amazing. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the original source.



Glass Garden Art

Another one from ‘Next Door Laura‘, this bouquet of blue wine bottles looks pretty amazing mixed in with the green foliage!


These giant wine glass flowers are simply amazing don’t you think? We wish the original website still existed. It would have been interesting to hear some details on the construction of this cool art piece!


Glass garden art mushrooms made from thrift store bowls and vases… A Pinterest reader suggested using a solar light inside? Or perhaps spray painting the whole mushroom after assembling? Be sure to use an exterior grade glue to secure the bowls to the vases.


Another take on using glassware as garden art… this colored glass tower would look wonderful in a cottage garden space!


More Junk Art Ideas

Here are some more various garden art ideas from junk. This section of fence uses old tools and junk in a totally artsy way…Love this!


‘Louise Y’ showcases a really creative piece of junk art… an ironing board woman! Sorry, we can’t find the original source.


Using an old headboard and some colorful paint, these gardeners reconfigured it into a piece of art with a practical side…an outdoor plant bench!

So create some garden art from junk in your garden! Use these ideas as a springboard, and learn to look at everyday items in new ways. You might want to check out our post Awesome Yard Art & Garden Decoration Ideas. You might also be interested in Repurposed DIY Window Shutter Ideas & Projects on our sister site TBD.


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  1. Ken Newsom June 23, 2020 at 6:14 am

    Could you describe how the bottle trees were created? They are awesome.

  2. Helen kelly April 18, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Could you use a saldering iron instead of a welder to make the dragonfly?

  3. Belinda April 18, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    This is awsome good junk I wish I had the skills of welding to go with it!!!

  4. downloadsjunkie October 4, 2014 at 1:33 am

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on diy garden junk art.


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