Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to have some fun with decorating the house! A little creativity goes a long way with Halloween decor, and us DIY’ers are a creative bunch. So, let’s chat DIY outdoor halloween decorations! Not decorating our porches and gardens for Halloween just seems wrong, right? Few other times are we allowed to publicly let our imaginations run a little wild and unleash our inner child. 

Are you looking for some spooky inspiration for this year’s festivities? Here are our top picks for DIY outdoor Halloween decorations. From ghosts to spiders, skeletons to witches, we’ve got all the classics covered. Enjoy these – they’re scary good! 

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations on a Budget

Let’s face it, we usually don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on Halloween garden decor every year. But that shouldn’t mean your yard doesn’t look incredibly spooky! Here’s some inspo for Halloween DIY outdoor decor on a budget. 

Spooky Halloween cheesecloth curtains

These simple, spooky cheesecloth curtains are a great way to make your whole Halloween fall decor scheme more focused. Let people see that your front porch is decorated for Halloween, but hide just enough to make it all a little bit of a surprise! Find the tutorial here at HGTV.

Giant DIY Halloween spider

It just isn’t Halloween without a giant spider! Rather than forking out for a store-bought 8-legged menace, why not craft your own? This DIY spider project from The Craft Crib is a fun one the whole family can enjoy! 

Cute (but spooky) Halloween sign

As long as you use the right colors, a simple sign can add a whole lot of vibe to your outdoor Halloween decorations. In this example from Re-Fabbed, your sign can have multiple different panels – a great idea if you want to let a different family member design and decorate each one!

mini signs showing basic rectangular faces of halloween characters including a ghost, jack o lantern, mummy, and frankenstein

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations for a Garden

Is your garden crying out for some spooky decorations? These DIY Halloween decorating ideas will turn your garden into a creepy graveyard in no time at all! 

Life-sized Halloween ghosts

Sometimes, bigger is better, and we think that’s the case when it comes to your Halloween decorations! These life-sized ghosts from HGTV will add just the right amount of spooky to your front garden. Give them a try! 

Witches legs to place in your planters

If you have fall containers, raised beds, fall planters, or fall mums in your front garden, this is a cute idea to show your Halloween spirit. These upside-down witches legs from The Navage Patch are an easy, fun way to embrace the spooky season this year!

legs in striped stockings and black boots sticking upside down out of a planter

Adorable pumpkin snails

Sure, you could carve a traditional jack-o-lantern pumpkin, but why do that when you could have these adorable carved pumpkin snails in your garden instead?! This tutorial from Alpha Mom couldn’t be easier (or cuter). And, if you want to grow your own pumpkins, we have you covered there too!

small pumpkin carved into a snail shell shape with a butternut squash as the snail head

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations for a Lawn

Got a nice front lawn that’s just begging for some outdoor Halloween decorations? We’ve got you covered! Use these ideas to bring your lawn to life (literally) and get a reputation as the spookiest house on the street!

Graveyard lawn decorations 

Want a fresh grave for your Halloween graveyard, but don’t want to dump dirt on the lawn? Check out this easy trick from Aidtopia. Photo from Halloween Forum.

How to make ghosts for your yard

Can you imagine how creepy this Halloween ghost would be, with the right, barely there lighting? This project uses standard chicken wire, and you can follow the tutorial for shaping your fencing ghost, DIY. I have seen some blogs recommending spray painting with glow in the dark paint. I think that would be cool until the paint losses its glow, so maybe placing where it gets hit by car lights, or a porch light casts just enough glow? From ‘Wacky Archives‘.

Halloween fencing ghost

DIY giant Halloween fluffy spider

This spider is genuinely spooky – the fur throw gives it a fuzzy texture that just makes it seem SO REAL! If you have the supplies lying around (or can get your hands on them for cheap), this tutorial from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow will give you an impressive DIY spider for your lawn that will certainly turn heads. 

Spooky Halloween tombstones

Converting your front garden into a spooky graveyard will bring delight to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters, and it’s easier than you might think! This tutorial from Little Yellow Wheelbarrow walks you through the steps to create lifelike DIY tombstones for your garden.

diy halloween tombstones on the ground in garden with a lantern

Best DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Kids 

While Halloween is always a blast for grown-ups, it’s even more fun for kids! Here are some simple ideas that your kids can “help” with – they’ll love getting crafty and seeing their decorations out in the yard! 

Cheesecloth ghosts

Want your Halloween ghosts to look a little more realistic? Check out these easy cheesecloth versions from Martha Stewart! They’re surprisingly simple to make, so the kids can get involved too!

Cheesecloth ghosts

DIY giant Halloween spiders to hang on your house

If the chilly fall weather has you searching for some craft projects to do with the fam, look no further! While a little more involved, this fun tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens will give you giant spiders that will have your neighbors shaking in their boots!

White House with large spiders hung all over the exterior

DIY Halloween Spider Sack

Keep the spider theme going with these spider egg sacks. They’re easy enough the kids can are easy, cheap and creepy… what if you used semi sheer stockings to give them a more ethereal quality? Here’s the instructions for these DIY outdoor Halloween decorations from ‘Hello Paper Moon‘.

Halloween spider sacks

DIY Halloween scarecrow

If you’re looking for a break from skeletons, ghosts, and spiders, why not try a scarecrow? Your kids will love dressing up your scarecrow, and you can even repurpose it after Halloween to keep the birds away from your vegetable garden! The Budget Decorator has everything you need to know about this DIY holiday decor idea. 

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations with Skeletons

Nothing “screams” Halloween like skeleton decor! Here are some classic ideas to use these bony decorations to full effect in your yard. 

Climbing skeletons on house

Tired of that old skeleton just hanging on the porch, blowing in the wind? These eye-catching skeletons offer something a little bit different, and can be designed to look like they’re climbing up and trying to enter your windows! Find the tutorial here, from Instructables.

Climbing skeletons

Skeletons doing some low-key yard work!

Put your skeletons to work in your garden – literally! This fun tutorial from Helpful Homemade gives you skeletons that aren’t afraid to get their bones dirty! 

Skeleton Pallbearers

This one is way cool, and it’d go great with your DIY Halloween graveyard decorations! Instructions at Halloween Forum.

Skeleton Pallbearers

DIY posing skeletons

Any skeleton is a fun Halloween decoration, but skeletons posing in your yard take these DIY outdoor Halloween decorations to the next level. Southern Home and Hospitality shows you how you just need a few household supplies to set your skeletons in a whole variety of fun poses!

Get creative with your DIY outdoor Halloween decorations!

Whatever you choose to do for your outdoor Halloween yard decorations, make sure they are creative and fun! I hope these ideas got you inspired to create your own halloween decor masterpiece! Let us know which ideas were your favorites in the comments. We think you will also love our posts on DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas and Fall Front Porch & Outdoor Decorating. And for indoor decorating, check out Scary Jack-O-Lantern Faces and  Candyland Christmas Decorations you can make over at TBD!

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  1. Delama September 19, 2016 at 4:08 am

    Hi, I was just wanting you to know that you have a creepy creative mind and I just love it a lot. “EEK” The one I like the most was the skeletons climbing up on the side of your house. Now that was creepy and creative. And I also like how you made spider with just 3 pumpkins and stick for leg. I would like to Thank you for a great laugh and I also enjoy them, too.
    I hope you have a great day. ? ? ?. ?
    Delama ?

  2. Nicole October 9, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    Loves the climbing skeletons so much. Going to steal this idea for our house.

  3. Alexandra October 6, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    That pumpkin spider is the cutest! Thanks so much for sharing these!


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