One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to inject a bit of personality into any garden is to pump up the garden decor. Painting pots is easy, fast and really makes an impact of your outdoor spaces.  Here are three tips for painting pots, and a bunch of great projects with instructions, and inspiration!

Painting Pots Tips

  • Choose the same style for all your painted pots within the same garden. If half your pots are formal and the other half are whimsical (although there is always room for some crossover) then your outdoor spaces will seem disjointed. Keep in mind the same decorating principles you use indoors…tie the pots together by style or color.
  • Follow the instructions for prepping your pots properly. (Then say that ten times fast.) Outdoor painting projects can deteriorate quickly if they are done lazily…it’s worth the extra step.
  • Consider sealing your painted pots with an outdoor grade clear sealer. Same reason as prepping properly!
  • Enjoy!

Our first project from The Lovely Cupboard are DIY paint dipped pots… Easy, and really cool, she has step by step instructions for you.



Since dipped pots seem so popular right now, we thought you would like this neon dipped pot project from Hello Bee.



We really like this project from Amanda at Wit & Whistle. Here’s how she did it.

painted planter pots


From Sunset, Terra Cotta Dress Ups! You could do these in any color combo, but I like the idea of keeping it to one color with a neutral, or two colors for a more lively look. Any more than that and it will be a very “busy” project! I especially love this project because it’s done in my favorite colors!



From A Beautiful Mess, I really like how they also painted the inside of these Color Block Terra Cotta Pots!

painted planter pots


These very cute chalkboard flowerpots are from Fiskars, and they have really good instructions and step by step photos. Very crafty!



These DIY terra cotta plant pots from Dellie are simple and colorful, and I love this idea.



These golden fall planters from A Night Owl Blog don’t need to wait for fall as far as I’m concerned! What a great project for bringing some of the metallic trend into the garden.



Last on our list, this Raku look pot was created with spray paint! Find out how here.


Get crafting for the garden, what better time of year for it?

Image Credits: A Beautiful Mess, The Lovely Cupboard, Hello Bee, Wit & Whistle, Sunset, Fiskars, Dellie, Flickr

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