Most of us spend a good part of our time outdoors on our patio. But if you don’t have an outdoor covered patio, then you miss out using your space when the sun is hot, or when the occasional summer shower comes your way. It’s tough to entertain, have a cup of tea or lemonade, or just sit enjoying the beauty of your yard if you don’t have a roof over your head. No matter what you use your patio for, chances are good some patio cover ideas are exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for cheap, temporary options,  a full attached cover, or a freestanding option to cover a floating deck, we have tutorials for you that literally anyone can make.

Which Patio Cover Ideas?

When trying to decide which patio cover ideas are right for you, there are a couple of things to consider ahead of time.

  • Do you need protection from the sun, the rain, or both?
  • Do you want something temporary to pop up during a party, or something permanent?
  • What is your budget? An attached covered patio idea made from wood will cost more than a fabric canopy.

Once you know what you need your patio cover to do, then you can take your pick from all the great ideas below to fit your backyard, and your needs.

Attached Covered Patio Ideas

Attached covered patios usually have a pergola type structure that actually attaches to the house. This type of cover lets you extend your interior living space in a way that adds significant value to your home. It’s also the most involved type of covered patio. However, these first few tutorials take  you through the project step by step with tons of photos. You can build one that just provides shade, or that also has a waterproof patio roof as well.

Our first attached cover patio idea comes to us from ‘Houseful of Handmade‘. This was made with pressure treated lumber they painted white, and posts with concrete footings, so it will last. Lots of step by step photos and clear directions. And, a few tips on things they would do differently!

Rain and Pine‘ made a similar pergola patio cover that is attached to the house, but theirs is covered with clear corrugated plastic sheets. We love this because not only does this make this patio cover idea rain proof, it also allows light to enter the interior of the home. You don’t want to build a structure that blocks so much light the indoor area seems dark.

Cheap Patio Cover Ideas

Jump on over to ‘The Created Home‘ to find out how they made this super cheap patio cover idea that cost less than $200 to make! And, you could cut that cost in half if you choose not to use the corrugated plastic panels for rain. This appears to be an attached patio cover, but it actually is more of a lean-to style. Super easy for even a beginner woodworker to make!

Another cheap patio cover idea comes to us from ‘Simple Made Pretty‘. Needing to cover their concrete patio, but not having a budget to have a contractor come in, they thought outside the box. They used a carport cover to DIY an outdoor covered patio!

From ‘Mi Casa‘, you can literally hang fabric canopies to provide shade. You can find tablecloths, shower curtains, or even colored or patterned sheets at the big box stores. Loving on this colorful patio!

Outdoor Covered Patio with Mosquito Netting

If you live in an area where summer bugs are a problem, then we have just the tutorial for you. ‘Thrift Diving‘ made this outdoor covered patio from wood beams and awning fabric, and then added mosquito netting! It’s pretty, practical, and magical when you see it lit up at night. Plus, you get to enjoy the outdoors without the bug bites… right? (Don’t forget to check out our post on DIY Mosquito Traps!)

Freestanding Ideas for Covered Patio

Blesser’ House‘ created this gorgeous freestanding patio cover idea right next to their pool. But you could build this literally anywhere! We love the covered patio roof and the outdoor curtains to adjust shade as needed. It’s a very resort style, making one feel as if they were on vacation every day!

Sun Shade Patio Covering Idea

Part of Me‘ used a shade sail, some posts, and some gorgeous string lights to create a patio covering idea that is pretty cheap too. And, she got some really cute planters out of the deal as well!

Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas

Make you own retractable covered patio idea with this canopy DIY from ‘HGTV‘. This won’t protect you from rain, (Ok, maybe a light shower…) but it will keep those harsh summer sun rays off. And, you can retract the whole thing for evening parties where you want to see the night sky!

Wood Patio Cover

If you need a little bit more than just a patio roof, then this wood patio cover with a privacy wall might be the perfect fit. From ‘Sprucing Up Mamahood‘, find compete step by step directions for how to make this pretty pergola. Tons of tips on building patio cover ideas that will last, and doing it right the first time. Their number one tip? Always use cedar or another weather resistant lumber. Always.

Backyard Covered Patio

We’ve left the most extensive project for last, but this one is super impressive. ‘Catz in the Kitchen‘ not only created this stunning Craftsman style outdoor covered patio, but they also turned the connected slab underneath into a deck. This tutorial has tons of photos to take you through the whole project. And lots of good direction. But this project is no joke, friends. However, when you are done, this could add thousands to the value of your home.

These patio cover ideas should get you outdoors any day you want to be there, no matter what the weather! Also check out our posts on DIY Patio Flooring Ideas, and DIY Pergolas!

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