How many of us parents have old trampolines laying in our backyard, unused and wasting away? How about using your  recycled trampoline and make into a hanging garden bed for your porch or yard? Use you imagination to replicate this idea in your garden. Easy basics steps?


1. Create a cushion of the bed. How about covering foam with old sheets, or perhaps for a tough cover, a canvas drop cloth from the paint department of the hardware store?

Recycled trampoline hanging bed


2. Cover the edge of the recycled trampoline bed frame with strips of cloth and rope.

3. Suspend the bed with ropes from a sturdy support.

We found Kristie Wolfe’s tutorial on how to make a hanging bed from a trampoline, and she has the steps on exactly what she did for her treehouse project! Depending on your trampoline frame, and how you plan to use it, you may want to be aware that some frames may need to be reinforced for strength. Have you tried a project like this? Share in comments! We think you will also love our post on DIY Outdoor Playsets!




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